Kim Kardashian Celebrates Playboy Cover!


Have you ever had a dream where you show up to work/school/etc completely naked and freaked out?  Well, Kim Kardashian had a party to celebrate her Playboy cover, and most of the people in attendance probably saw the spread.

When asked why she decided to do the spread for Playboy, Kim answered,

“I wanted to do it.  I wanted to show that I’m not some skinny girl, I have a healthy body image, and I’m happy with my curves and who I am.”

And funny enough, while Kim was jazzed to pose nude for the men’s magazine, she says she won’t ever make another sex tape because of how it affected her family.

The socialite told press,

“My step-dad [Olympic medalist and Keeping Up with the Kardashians co-star Bruce Jenner] wouldn’t talk to me for three weeks.  The stress that I know it put on my mom and my step-dad—just the whole family.  If my dad were here to witness all of that, I don’t even know what I’d do.  It’s just not worth it, basically.”

Kim says that doing the Playboy shoot should put to rest any “implant” rumors.

“It bothered me when people would come up with rumors, like, ‘Oh, my god, she has butt implants, it can’t be real.’ Who gets butt implants? Come on.  Do you know anybody who has butt implants?”

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2 Responses to Kim Kardashian Celebrates Playboy Cover!

  1. amanda

    shes a slut

  2. becky boo

    i dont care if she is a slut. i think it is awesome that she represents without starving herself. she may play off flaky but she is really pretty and seems to market herself quite well. shit, if i had her dad’s money and her beautiful face and rocking body, i would use it to my advantage too! go kim and dont sell out and go annie rexy!

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