Jessica Bielís Multiple Professions


Despite the fact that she keeps lining up roles in new movies, Jessica Biel seems to be taking an interest in adding the job duties of a paparazzi to her credentials.

After snapping up pictures of the photogs following her around on a Saturday shopping trip, the 7th Heaven hottie was armed and ready once again on a Monday afternoon outing to the nearby gym.

Back to the new film roles, recent reports tell that Jessica actually just signed on to co-star with Rendition actor Jake Gyllenhall in Al Goreís daughter, Kristin Goreís, new political comedy, Nailed.

According to press,

ďThe offbeat movie takes a look at an immoral congressman and a sex-addicted lobbyist. Bielís character accidentally has a nail shot into her head, which elicits bizarre sexual urges. During her visit to Washington D.C. for lobbying purposes, she meets Gyllenhaalís character, who takes advantage of her.Ē

Still in the planning stages, no release date has been set thus far.


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One Response to Jessica Bielís Multiple Professions

  1. Sarah Evans

    that is hilarious that she is taking pics of the papparazzi !! Thats a good idea. Give them a taste of there own medicine.. hahaha !!!

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