Audrina Patridge ‘Feels Bad’ for Heidi Montag


The feud between The Hills‘ former roommates Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag rages on, but the icy relationship between Montag and Conrad’s new best friend, Audrina Patridge, may be thawing.

“I feel bad for Heidi,” Patridge told PEOPLE at Victoria Secret’s Phi Beta Pink social Thursday night. “Everyone talks so much s— on her and I just try to stay away from all of that, it’s not my business anymore.”

The relationship between Patridge 22, and Montag, 21, wasn’t always so complicated. “Heidi and I were friends,” Patridge explained. “I didn’t know Lauren, but Heidi and me always hung out, and then I became friends with Lauren … I mean, so many things change all the time.”

Still, a reunion is going to take some effort from Montag. “If I ran into her I wouldn’t go up to her … [She's] another person who hurt my friend. If I saw her out and she came up to me to say ‘hi’ I’d say ‘hi,’ but I’m not going to go out of my way,” said Patridge.

She does, however, go out of her way to defend Conrad when it comes to her choice in men. Asked what her roommate, who kissed on-again off-again fling Brody Jenner in a recent Hills episode, needs in man, Patridge replied, “I honestly have no idea. Lauren is very, super picky and if there is one thing wrong with the guy she’s just done. It’s good but you need to give people a chance.”

Conrad, who arrived at the party before Patridge, didn’t let her picky tendencies keep her from having a good time. After customizing a Pink hoodie for herself and one for Patridge, Conrad played beer pong with E!s resident film expert, Ben Lyons.

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5 Responses to Audrina Patridge ‘Feels Bad’ for Heidi Montag

  1. Leslie Ann

    Well, I feel bad for Heidi also and I hope that all of them become friends again!! [Wishful Thinking?] I love the hills but it was sooo much better when EVERYONE was friends!!!!! ;)

  2. Rebecca

    Good 1

  3. ashley

    i think that Heidi deserved what she got. her and Spencer had no right to run around saying all that stuff about Lauren and Jason and i think lauren is doing that roght thing buy doing what he was so wih out heidi. Audrina is being a good friend by sticking to her side. heidi i thi k was only there to get her face on tv.

  4. katelin-marie

    Heidi deserved everything you got if you ask me. You know, i use to like her sooo much more at the begining of the show? why? because she was true to her self!! but then i read an article in cosmo!girl, where she ADMITTED to being fake, which made me loose all respect for her…its like she KNOWS she’s only acting this way for attention..and i find that very juvinille. and worse off…she had to go and sell a sextape just to get the attention…that was the property of her best friends! very shady!

  5. mandy24

    Regardless of the rumors that the ‘Hills’ are fake, I still love the show!!! As for Heidi, if in fact this is all an act, she really is getting what she deserves. If the drama between her and Lauren is legit, than that sucks, but the fact that it could be fake is even more dissapointing. I truly believe if Spencer wasn’t in the picture, things would have turned out very differently. Reality or scripted, it is clear that Heidi is ignorant.

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