Très Bien Rolls on as a Judges Favorite!!!


Très Bien moves on to the next round!

Last Friday was the first elimination round on “The Next Great American Band”.  12 finalist were placed in a Green Room where they had to wait and see if their band name was called to advance to the next round.

Two bands were eliminated: The Hatch and The Likes of You.

Très Bien performed two songs: “How I Feel” and Elton John/Bernie Taupin cover “Love Lies Bleeding”. Their performance was great. Judges liked it and the fans loved it!

Visit for the latest scoop and to follow Très Bien’s journey on Next Great American Band!

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3 Responses to Très Bien Rolls on as a Judges Favorite!!!


    OMG I LOVE these guys!!! Me and my friends voted for them for the full 2 hours til my fingers fell off!!! =) They are from my hometown Clearwater, Florida!

    Everyone vote for them! The next episode is on FOX Friday, Nov 9 @ 8/7c and VOTE TRES BIEN!!!

  2. breann

    this band is AWESOME! i watch every week and they def do the best!

  3. JaymeK

    I like Tres Bien and Sixwire… I think both would be great recording artists and can sure put on a show! =)~

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