Liv Tyler and Family Get All Dressed Up


Liv Tyler and family showed off their Halloween style while out and about for for a full day of activities.

The Jersey Girl actress sported a Pocahontas look, while her musician hubby Royston Langdon wore a poncho and sombrero. Meanwhile, little Milo opted to go as his favorite superhero – Spiderman!

After such an exhausting day, we just hope that Liv got the rest that she needs to take care of her promotional duties in the Big Apple today.

Tyler is set to meet with fans at the Sephora Times Square to celebrate the new floral fragrance from Parfums Givenchy, Very Irresistible Givenchy.

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One Response to Liv Tyler and Family Get All Dressed Up

  1. Nicole

    awwwww i think all of them looks adorable!!!!!!!

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