Audrina Patridge Heats Up Les Deux


Showing off her festive side, Audrina Patridge spent last night partying it up at Hypnotiq’s Hollywood Halloween party held at Les Deux.

Before heading out, Audrina responded to recent comments about her MTV hit show, which claimed that the whole deal is staged.

Ms. Patridge tells,

“Everything is real. Lauren and me are real friends. We live in our apartment. That’s real, like where we work, everything. The situations are real.”

Meanwhile, Audrina does admit producers “tweak it a little bit” by suggesting they go certain places.

“I mean, they might be kinda like, ‘Okay, we want you to go to Les Deux tonight,’ so we go and whatever happens, happens. And they might do things to tweak it a little bit, but our reactions – it’s totally real. It’s reality.”

audrinapatridge2.jpg  audrinapatridge3.jpg  audrinapatridge4.jpg  audrinapatridge5.jpg

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3 Responses to Audrina Patridge Heats Up Les Deux

  1. Chrissy

    i love audrina but she doesnt look good as a blonde.

  2. mandy24

    I agree, much better with the dark hair

  3. kelly

    she’s just dressed up as madonna… she didnt like dye her hair.

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