Guess Who’s the Trashy Scout?


Guess who dressed as the Trashy Scout for Halloween?


It’s Nicky Hilton with David Katzenberg!

guess_who121.jpg   guess_who122.jpg   guess_who123.jpg

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14 Responses to Guess Who’s the Trashy Scout?

  1. Nikki

    i guessed heather locklear

  2. Meme

    How Freudian …

  3. Emily

    man was i wrong i guessed “fergie”



  5. Danielle

    I guessed fergie since she was a scout in one of her video’s.

  6. Cici

    I thought Heidi Klum!

  7. Taralyn

    I was for sure it would be Fergie too! This is such a cute costume! Who is the guy with Nicky?

  8. Steve

    i figured it would be one of the hilton sluts

  9. Candy

    I guessed her infamous sister, Paris.

  10. Nicole

    i thought it waz jessica simpson lol coz shes got blonde hair

  11. Deborah

    omg i actually thot it was paris and for steve they are not sluts

  12. Angel

    I thought it was Avril Lavigne.

  13. Nichole

    well I guess Paris, so i guess thats not too bad…

  14. oreo

    if they gave no picture i would have guessed britney spears but i thought it was paris lol

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