Nicole Richie Insults Joel Madden!


UsWeekly claims that Nicole Richie teases her baby daddy, Joel Madden, about his former relationship with Hilary Duff. Apparently, Joel ended things with Hilary, because she wouldn’t give it up. A source said,

“She will ask if he’s going to watch Lizzie McGuire DVDs or listen to Hilary’s albums. Joel tells her she’s being out of line.”

That’s the best Nicole can do? She needs to go back to crap-talking school. I’d tell his butt to go wack off to pictures of Mr. Ed…I mean Hilary. I’d check his peen for teeth marks from Hilary’s horsey mouth. 

Getting knocked up has ruined her game.

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2 Responses to Nicole Richie Insults Joel Madden!

  1. Nicole

    Damn, that’s some f**ked up sh*t!!! Joel broke up with Hilary just because she wouldn’t have sex with him? but I know that the relationship wouldn’t last for very long. I think that Jeol and Nicole makes a cute couple, but I think that they won’t last long either. I mean, what relationship does?

  2. Ms.Madden

    Dude… i think that they actually did have sex cuz i mean… NO sex for 2 years and a half… now thats just nuts… they just wont admit it cuz hell go to jail cuz hes above 21 and shes below 21… thats all… simple…

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