Are “The Hills” all Fake?


Gavin Beasley, the model boy that went on a “date” with Lauren Conrad on the last episode, is chatting with Best Week Ever about all the phoneyness behind the scenes.

Plus he’s dishing the dirt on LC, Brody and much more!

Here is our highlight:

“I honestly had a really hard time talking to her – she’s kind of a conversation killer, and when the cameras are rolling, all conversation is kept firmly on the surface. She talked about how mean Perez Hilton was, and how you have to be nice to the Paparazzi so they don’t release the uglier pictures of you. I don’t know – pop culture, Red Bull, stuff like that. In fact, the most interesting thing I got out of her was that she isn’t allowed to eat ice cream because her trainer told her she can’t. What you see is really what you get with these people. Lots of fascinating discussion about “the club”, Vegas, getting drunk, Heidi is evil, and so on. The lack of depth was actually uncomfortable for me. Like, how can nothing be everything you talk about? OH, I forgot – lots of talk about Lauren’s clothing line. That’s pretty important, right?”

For the full interview go to:

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3 Responses to Are “The Hills” all Fake?

  1. mandy24

    Hmm, funny, if I remember correctly, ‘model boy ‘stated to Brody that he was a good guy, guess not. If he was really in it for Lauren he wouldn’t go running his trap. That’s it, I’m for team LC and Brody!

  2. gwen

    right on mandy24, this guy is probably tring to get noticed. im with team BRODY, now that is a real man he never runs his mouth like this “model boy” who by the way is totally NOT even hot. brody is dreammy this idiot is just running with mouth, shut up model boy u r still not getting more episodes…

  3. Jennifer

    I am sure some of the “Hills” is staged but not all. This guy is shallow and stupid. He is just trying to get noticed. It appears that those who are not compelling have to go out of their way to “trash talk” to get ahead. JUST LIKE SPENCER & HEIDI

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