Anna Nicole Smith Disturbing Clown Video!

The video is disturbing, so donít watch it if this sort of thing will bother you.

The video of Anna Nicole Smith, that disturbed me so much along with most everyone across the country, just grew in length.

Hereís more of the video, with her noticeably pregnant and drugged out of her mind. Not only was Howard K. Stern drugging Anna Nicole, but he relished in doing so while ignoring a nine year olds plea to help Anna.

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2 Responses to Anna Nicole Smith Disturbing Clown Video!

  1. gwen

    oh god, just drop it, whatever happened there is no turnig back there was alot of poeple in her life that had the chance to make a diffrence now its too late

  2. Nicole

    omg, leave her alone. let her and her son rest in peace, damn. shit like this gets on my nerves.

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