Britney Stiffs her Backup Dancers!


After all the bad press Britney Spears has received this year, she needs to do something to redeem herself.  But neglecting to pay her backup dancers isn’t the way to start.

Reportedly, the ensemble of dancers Brit hired for her notorious MTV Video Music Awards performance haven’t been fully compensated for their services.

A source told press,

“The dancers were paid for the actual show and some of the rehearsals, but not all of them.”

But the problem may not be the “Toxic” singer’s fault. A source revealed,

“Her management usually pays the dancers,”

Since Spears was dropped from her management agency, The Firm, only days after the performance, the blunder may have been a lack of communication.

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One Response to Britney Stiffs her Backup Dancers!

  1. katie

    come on brit u can do better than this i have known you since grade school

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