Britney Spears Gets One Overnight A Week!


It’s better late than never for Britney Spears, as the Gimme More singer finally showed up at the courthouse and was partially rewarded for her efforts.

According to the latest reports, Brit will be getting one overnight visit with her kids per week, for the time being. And while it’s not as much as she wanted, it sure beats nothing.

TMZ reports tell:

“L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon partially accepted her lawyer’s plea to give Spears monitored overnight visitation. Spears, who was in court, was sworn in as the afternoon hearing began. She testified, but we don’t know what she said.”

So, the overnights will be monitored, although it has not been decided who will be placed in the supervisory role. The Spears camp would like it to be Britney’s mom, Lynne Spears, while Kevin Federline’s camp will most likely push to keep the one who is already in place.

A court spokesman told press that:

“Today was the result of a compromise between the two sides – Brit wanted more, K-Fed didn’t want her to have any overnights.”

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4 Responses to Britney Spears Gets One Overnight A Week!

  1. Nicole

    wow, only one overnight visit? well, britney doesn’t seem too sad about it!!!!!

  2. Nikki

    Well, I have a kids and I would never want to know what its like to be without my kids. I just think she needs to get her life back together.People loved her and girls everywhere worshipped the ground she walked on, she could have that back. now that she actually has had a kick in the butt,maybe shell realize that her kids mean more to hr than she thought and she wont take or granted when she has them anymore.

  3. Leslie Ann

    Wow! She only got 1 overnight visit with her children? I would have been totally crushed because I cant imagine spending that much time away from my children!!! I would have wanted to kill for more time. But her hands are tied in the public eye now. It’s sad really.

  4. stephanie

    she shouldn’t of let herself go like that i agree with nikki 100% ya she needs to get her life staight and stop trying to get more attention she’s stupid and i think lindsey lohan is leaning towards brittany’s catagory

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