Miley Cyrus Scolds Scalpers


When Miley Cyrus set out to become a world-renowned singer, she never expected to attain her current level of success.  But as with all good, there comes some bad too.

For her “Best of Both Worlds” tour, the Hannah Montana actress has sold tickets to her shows in record time.  The problem is, a lot of those seats are now in the hands of scalpers, and they’re charging an arm and a leg (up to $2500) for admission to the show.

Miley told press, “We made (VIP sections) smaller, so the kids that wouldn’t necessarily have had the chance to come, they can get in, but not for a fortune.  It’s going to be a good show, but I don’t think it’s worth what it’s going for. For the people that do get to come, I’m going to make it the best show ever.”

Her father, “Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus added,

“Miley’s doing the concert and the tour for the fans. It is sad that she’s putting all this work behind it and really wants to make as many families and kids happy as possible. It’s sad that with the Internet that the scalpers got a hold of the tickets first.”

Several states are looking into the legality of the methods used by scalpers, with charges pending.

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14 Responses to Miley Cyrus Scolds Scalpers

  1. Jamie

    What the hell are scalpers?

  2. Nicole

    yeah, I agree with Jamie what the hell are scalpers?

  3. Nikki

    Scalpers are people who buy up all the tickets and then re-sell them for lots of more money cause since they are sold out- if you want tickets you have to buy them from the scalpers who bought them all at the cheaper price.

  4. Nikki

    Sorry I hope that made sense

  5. Deborah

    it made sense to me nikki

  6. Jamie

    It made sense to me too. That’s stupid. People shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

  7. Dave

    Hey get over it scalping exist and you knopw why causer the good ol USA cant control it.Thats sad

  8. Dave

    Man and all this to see a kid off tv wow man im gonna put on a wig go by 2 different names and man my seats will go for atleast 25 cents hahahah

  9. misskris

    ya i get it now

  10. misskris

    good jod miely you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jamie

    Thanks. Now I know what they are.

  12. Angel

    I love Miley Cyrus, but I can’t afford $2,500.00. I’m sorry but that’s crazy that people pay that for a concert.

  13. ashlyn

    ok im 13 years old,and i went to the concert,and it was good but i agree with miley,it was not worth all of that….

  14. miranda

    I love Miley. Goodjob “scolding those scalpers” they are low life scums anyway, that are in a tight spot and need money ( or are just greedy)

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