J Lo’s Pregnancy Confirmed By Marcís Ex


For Marc Anthonyís ex-wife, Dayanara Torres, itís time to do some serious backpedaling.† Reportedly she may have put her foot in her mouth recently when she confirmed rumors that Jennifer Lopez is expecting.

It all happened on El Escandalo TV, when Torres was doing an interview.† The reporter asked how her kids (fathered by Marc Anthony) reacted to the news of a new sibling on the way.† She replied,

ďThey donít know yet because I found out a day ago. But I imagine they will be happy, because when my sister had her kids they were.Ē

Bad move.† With all the fuss J. Lo puts up about keeping her life private, the only thing worse than having her pregnancy leaked to press, is having it leaked by her manís ex-wife.

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3 Responses to J Lo’s Pregnancy Confirmed By Marcís Ex

  1. Deborah

    oh lord that wuld suck for her if it tells this on EXTRA :(

  2. apple

    good for j-lo i think she would be a great mom, it took time but she is a deserving mother! go j-lo

  3. Nicole

    prenancy is a wonder thing why is she lieing about it? but good for j-lo. I luv j-lo and she will make a wonderful mother. From one fellow New Yorker to another. Us Bronxers have to stick 2 gether, lol. but good for her though.

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