Lindsay Lohan Found Love in Rehab!


Now that she’s finally out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan has a new lease on life.  And she’s already hooking up with a hunky snowboarder.

According to reports, the Mean Girls actress is spending tons of time with her new boyfriend, Riley Giles, a 25-year-old California stud.  She confirmed the relationship in a recent interview.

She told In Touch Weekly,

“Yes, I am seeing someone. His name is Riley, I am really happy and taking it day by day.”

Perhaps focusing on her career and new relationship will help LiLo avoid the pitfalls that she fell prey to in her past.

She said,

“Going out all the time was very self-destructive. Partying and having all of those pictures taken distracts from the work that I do.  It’s not why I started acting. I didn’t get into acting to be written about. I want to act like a woman rather than a teenager. I am doing the best I can.”

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2 Responses to Lindsay Lohan Found Love in Rehab!

  1. Shanna

    Be careful about dating people from rehab….Just keep your head straight and keep up the good work.Stay focus on your career.
    Hahaha—”please dump the boyfriend from rehab!!!” You don’t need to be with the same problems, that’s why you dumped your mom.

  2. kate

    That has to be the worst place to meet men (or women for that matter). i met a guy in rehab once…guess how that turned out?

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