Nicole Richie: Ready For Baby Weight!


Despite rumors of an eating disorder, and an unusually thin frame, Nicole Richie says shes ready to put on a few extra pounds as she moves along in her pregnancy.

She says that gaining even 50 pounds is worth it, if that means that her baby will be healthy and happy. Shes already 10 pounds closer, as a result of being pregnant for the past 4 months.

Its what my baby needs and to me, numbers dont mean anything. If I gain 40 pounds, or 50 pounds, then thats obviously what my body needs to do. Im totally okay with that, she told press.

Nicolehas no problems putting down some serious food. I eat all the time. Im constantly hungry. Im eating at least every hour. And just like any mother, I want to take the best care of myself, especially while Im pregnant. Im definitely eating healthier now.

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8 Responses to Nicole Richie: Ready For Baby Weight!

  1. sexymami

    Shes actually doing good

  2. CICI


  3. deb

    Shes really going to have a baby? OmGosh, i am so excited!!
    Its about time, girl…..Yes.. I am so “Happy” for you..
    Thanks for sharing the newest news w/ us all.. :) ~~
    Take Care and, yes, drink plenty of water too =)…
    ~Deb Mc.
    N.H. -

  4. Jennifer

    At least she’s thinking of the baby, that’s a good thing! GO NICOLE!!

  5. Kayla

    See all you jerks who just tear her down!!! she is doing awesome!! I am proud of you NICHLOE!!!! Yes drink alot of water but be ready for when the baby strts kicking on your bladder!!LOL

  6. A~Leigh

    Aww im so proud of her!
    Your doing great Nicole!

  7. CitizensOfHumanity


  8. Me

    Oh goody, she’s eating.. wait until she has the baby though, she`ll be starving herself again.

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