The Truth Behind Anna Nicole’s “Death” Photos!


Yesterday weshowed you the picture on the right of ANNA NICOLE SMITH that was being called a so-called “death photo” but we can report that it is in fact an image of the late model goofing around and fully aware that she is being photographed.

The digital time stamp from the camera shows that the above picture on the left, with Anna Nicole looking playfully into the lens, was taken eight seconds before the shot on the right.

Although some Web sites were saying these photos were taken moments after Anna Nicole died, they were actually taken January 12 in the Bahamas in Anna’s bedroom.

Anna Nicole’s longtime friend HOWARD K. STERN told us that these were just a couple of shots in a series where Anna Nicole was joking around and, while eating her favorite fish sandwich, got tartar sauce on her face.

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11 Responses to The Truth Behind Anna Nicole’s “Death” Photos!

  1. I ♥ Anna

    why can’t people just let this poor girl rest in peace. If nothing else, think of Dannie Lynn!

  2. aNnA

    I think everyone should just leave her alone. How would you like it if after you passed on, ppl we’re saying s**t about you? I know I wouldn’t like it. so leave her alone and let her rest in peace.

  3. Chris

    Oh thank god it was only tarter sauce, if it was vomit I was gonna be sick.

  4. meghan

    you know what though?
    at least this website has the decency to confirm that these arent the death photos… so that means she was very much alive when they were taken. we arent talking about her as of right now people, were talking about her before death.
    and if you cant handle a lil bit of vomit, haha. your a freakin wimp.

  5. Kayleigh

    who cares if people talk about her..big deal she was an effin moron and always high and just annoying. people shouldn’t get all defensive esp. over someone You dont even know..

  6. Deborah

    yea she had to of killed herself!!! SHE WAS A DRUG ADDICT!!! she didnt care about her son or anything!!! they might have said they were fake but they are prolly not!!! so i will still talk about her!!!!! shes freakin STUPID!!

  7. CelebGossipFiend

    I guess Anna Nicole is just going to be like her idol, Marilyn Monroe, with the rumors swirling about for years to come. It was a very tragic end for her and her son and I feel for her daughter who will have to grow up really wonderging WHO her mother was because there are so many different portrayls of her in the media. It does appear to me that her daddy is doing the best he can and that is a very positive factor. Anyway, I don’t see any of the media coverage of her going anywhere any time soon so I guess we’ll all have to just get used to it…:(:

  8. Deborah

    well her daddy is doing great and she dont care about her son so everybody get over urselves

  9. doodts

    she’s dead. enough already.

  10. elvisillyarf

    well it’s about time the actuality is coming out about these images. people are so retarded.

  11. tiffany

    i feel bad that she has passed away but i think the things she did while she was pregant was just dont do things like that when you are going to have a baby.

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