Another Reality Show Break-Up!


Did Anyone Really Think This Was Going To Last For More Than Five Minutes? Bret Michaels and his “Rock of Love” winner Jes are no longer together. Page Six reports that they never even got started. When Jes got back home to Chicago she called up Bret and told him that she’s dating somebody else now, a local fashion designer.

Oh well! Guess Brett and his bandana thing are alone for now. Vh1 has announced there will be a second season, but it’s unclear whether or not Brett will be back.

It looks like good ‘ol Heather got the last laugh now!

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5 Responses to Another Reality Show Break-Up!

  1. aNnA

    thats sad.
    I loved Jess, and her and Brett we’re good together.

  2. Tracey

    That is so sad.. I really thought they were going to get together.. What a bummer for Brett. He is still hot after all these years..

  3. Chris

    What a dumb bitch, she was just using brett for publicity when she had a boyfriend this whole time, from what i’ve heard anyway.

  4. Deborah


  5. Natasha

    Well then. And to think the whole time I actually liked her and thought she would be the best for him. BITCH!!!

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