Anna Nicole Smith Overdose Photo!


A photo of an overdosed Anna Nicole Smith passed out in her own vomit a few days before her death has leaked to the Web. An unidentified figure close to Playboy’s one-time Playmate of the Year snapped a photo of the mother to sell to the press.

“Shortly after I was retained by Howard Stern, I received firsthand information that MOE BRIGHTHAUPT (”Big Moe”) had contacted tabloids offering for sale one or more photographs of Anna Nicole Smith. Yesterday, photographs of Anna Nicole and Dannielynn were posted on various Internet websites. These photographs are the property of the Estate of Anna Nicole Smith and were stolen from her camera shortly after her death. Big Moe denies selling the photographs but admits that he is distributing them. His misappropriation of Estate property is unlawful and his stated motives for doing so are not credible.

“This is another egregious example of deceit and manipulation by individuals and certain members of the media to profit from Anna Nicole’s death. Even more disturbing is the fact that selective photographs have been distributed – intentionally selected to make Anna Nicole and others appear in a false light. Fortunately, the memory card stolen from the camera had been downloaded before it was stolen and the Estate is in possession of every photograph in the series. The other photographs clearly show that Anna Nicole, as she often did, was merely playing for the camera.

“The Estate shall pursue all available remedies against any individual or entity involved in the unauthorized distribution or publication of these, or any other, stolen photographs.”

A spokesperson for “Big Moe,” PAUL PORTER, says:

“After reading the statement of attorney L. Lin Wood we find it necessary to respond to a series of erroneous comments. Big Moe has never stolen anything, including a memory card shortly after the untimely death of Anna Nicole Smith. Claims of profiting from Anna Nicole’s death are equally disturbing. Big Moe would never seek to profit from the disturbing photographs on various Internet websites.

“In regard to L. Lin Wood’s comment regarding deceit and manipulation the pictures in question through focused eyes speak for themselves. If playing for the camera included Anna Nicole Smith vomiting, L. Lin Wood has taken spin to a new level.

“Big Moe continues to mourn the death of his close friends, but continues to question why pictures on Anna Nicole Smith were ever taken in the first place.”

anna-nicole-smith-dead1.jpg  anna-nicole-smith-dead2.jpg

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20 Responses to Anna Nicole Smith Overdose Photo!

  1. rosebud

    please leave the woman rest in peace she is with God now as is her son so leave them be. no one is perfect we just do our best with the knowledge we have and go from there. so please leave the dead alone and let them rest in peace.

  2. breann

    rosebud- just like the stork doesnt bring babies, not everyone goes to heaven and anna nicole smith was DEFINATLY not a Christian or one who lead a Godly life… sadly she is not resting in peace with God as you put it

  3. Chris

    That pic of her with vomit on her is f***in sick, who in their right mind would take a picture like that? what is wrong with people these days.

  4. Deb

    Where is the respect as human beings, that we should have for other human beings? This is absolutely horrible to show her like that. She was apparently in alot of pain and trouble to go that far. We need to be compassionate & pray for her soul. Not judge where she did or din’t go. That’s for God to know. Also, what about that precious little girl, who will eventually see all these pictures. Has anyone considered that? No one deserves that dishonor or lack of respect.

  5. Raina

    This is the sickest and most disrespectful thing i have ever seen. I feel so sorry for her daughter when she gets older and sees these images. What the Hell is wrong with people? Oh and to the lady who stated that Anna was not resting in peace with God….SHAME ON YOU!!! You have no right to judge (read your bible hypocrite)nobody is perfect and the next time you think you are try to walk on water!!! You my friend are even tackier than these pictures. You need to pray for yourself. God forgives when forgiveness is asked…Did you personally know her? You have no idea what she discussed with him before she passed on.

  6. Karlee

    this is nasty. but she overdoses right? which means she killed herself…and when you kill your self, you don’t go to heaven. the bible says so. so unless she got saved as she she was dying, she’s sadly not with God. and I’m NOT judging, I’m just being honest.

  7. Dena

    People….arguing about where she did or did not go is not the topic right now. ( Very childish acting ) anyway, this is incredibally disrespectful to her family and her little girl. Unfortunately greed and money are more important , it seems these days, than human dignity. I hate it that these pictures were sold to the highest bidder. Very sad.

  8. none

    This is so disrespectful!! all you people on here that are saying she is not with God are just as bad as the people who put these pictures out! If you were so into the bible then you would know 1 of the 10 commandments is not to judge and here you are judging someone duh!! And you don’t have to be christian to go to heaven that is just dumb to even think… I also think they said it was a accidental over dose so that is not killing yourself and why would God go against his word and judge people for what they do anyways think about it… I don’t believe in hell period it is just something to keep people from making bad choices but we are all human and all make mistakes so next time you are thinking about judging someone think about yourself and what you have done as well no one is perfect and I don’t think God expects us to be. Now just let the woman rest in peice and leave it alone!

  9. aNnA

    whoever said you don’t have to be a christian to get into heaven is wrong.
    if you don’t have God in your heart, you can’t got into heaven. thats how it is. sorry to burst your bubble.
    she may be in heaven and she may not…we don’t know but GOD does.
    so everyone just Shut up. okay!

  10. kelly

    hey NEWSFLASH aNnA!! you don’t have to be christian to go to heaven!!

  11. bubbalicious

    I agree with aNnA on that!! sorry to burst your bible!! Anna Nicole did some bad things, but go forgives us for our sinns does he not?? we all have our own god just as you have a christian god ,and i have a catholic god etc.. get over yourselves..

  12. aNnA

    kelly, how do you think you don’t have to be a christian to get into heaven? if your a sinner, and you have not asked got to come into your heart, and forgive you for your sins, then how do you get into heaven? I know ppl have different religions, and I don’t judge, but you have to at least b SAVED to go to heaven. you have to have God in your heart, and in your life b4 you can go to heaven. unless you are a little kid and don’t know right from wrong and you die, then you’ll go to heaven, b/c you didnt know the difference. go read the BIBLE. GOD’S WORD. KING JAMES!

  13. none

    Anna you are full of shit!!! I thought the mormon religion was bad for saying you have to be mormon to go to heaven but you are just as bad… christians sin to but I guess that is ok cause you ask for forgiveness and all is well bull shit!! get over yourself, any one can sin and anyone can ask for forgiveness sorry that is the way it goes!

  14. Morbidigenous

    Gross pic. Notice her left cheek is bulging a bit…probably some of the puke still in her mouth. I agree it’s sick to even want to take a pic like that. Anyway, she allowed herself to be exploited while she was alive, and now she’s being exploited in death.

  15. melissa

    all certain people care bout is money and fame of anna nicole ok yeah she has done some things in her life thats not very good but u know what her daugther should be the top of peoples priotiy list and the mental state of her when she gets older and see all the bad things the press has said bout her mother and no one is perfect but u dont see press talking bout an everyday citizen that does the same or similar things like nicole and then kills themselves so shit, have some respect let her rest in peace wherever she is at ok let her daugther have a good life and stuff ok thanks bye

  16. lauren

    well the only person who knows where she is, is GOD.
    I don’t think its right that everyone is fighting over where she went to. we don’t know what her life was like, we don’t know if she was saved or not, and we dont know if she’s in heaven or hell. like I said only God knows, so just leave her alone.

  17. Liz

    Why the hell are you people such freakin’ nancy’s?!
    It’s here! They’re up! And if Anna Nicole Smith was so worried about people not respecting her, she wouldn’t have lead the life that she did.
    Why would you bloody care, anyway. It’s Anna Nicole Smith! Had she not have died, you people would’ve been makign sick jokes at her expense and laughing at any degrading photo you saw of her.
    Death happens, and here it is on the internet. Deal with it, I doubt the woman had any dignity to lose anyway,

  18. Liz

    aNnA.. you said that children get into heaven, even if they’re not ‘saved’, because they don’t know right from wrong. Surely, you’d think the same of us poor souls who are not christian. We don’t know right from wrong, right? Our intellegence and logic keep us from completly believing what’s been written in a decades-old book that has been knowingly modified beyond comprehension buy the catholics. Please don’t pity us, and don’t think less of us for having strong, independant views on how to live our life. You christians make me sick. You put yourself above every other religion not like your own, and go on about “being saved” like god coul only love those of us naive and shallow enough to go through life believing the manipulations of what may have possibly once been his words.
    I hope you people know you’re following the wrong flock, and for being so shallow, simple minded, and judgmental of other, you should all go to hell.

  19. rgd

    it doesnt matter religions, she did some things wrong, overdose thats why she ended like this, is about right or wrong, not good or bad. nobody knows where she is and nobody will do.

  20. lynn

    thank for the site :) she was a beutiful woman!!! and she will always be

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