Christina Aguilera cancels more concerts!


After cancelling her shows in Australia recently, Christina Aguilera has just cancelled two concerts in New Zealand – apparently sick with the flu.

Christina sent a personal apology to her fans saying, “Unfortunately, I have fallen ill with a bad flu virus. This is one of the best cities in the world to perform in and I am truly disappointed that I won’t be able to share my show with you all. Thank you for all of the continued love and support and I hope to perform for you all again next time.”

Now she will have time to recover and focus on having a healthy and happy pregnancy, (although Christina is yet to confirm this rumor) which hopefully she will announce very soon!

Get well Christina!

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5 Responses to Christina Aguilera cancels more concerts!

  1. KC

    It’s not the flu you ding dong…it’s pregnancy which feels like the flu. How do I know, because I’m pregnant as well and some days I feel like I have been hit with the flu when it’s your body taking a change to child inside you. Sorry but this girl doesnt need to reproduce…we dont need anymore little wanna be white girl whores running around. It’s bad enough we have shakira.

  2. sexymami

    hope u get better!

  3. Kay

    I didn’t know she was pregnant! Who’s the father?

  4. Alyssia

    Im guessing the father is probably her husband….

  5. ashley

    wow.. white girl whores? Christina has an amazing voice. and she apparently isn’t a whore shes MARRIED and having a baby with her HUSBAND so who ever made that racist comment is ignorant, and probably jealous of Christina being so beautiful, she’ll have a gorgeous baby.

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