Nicole Richie/Joel Madden Wedding On Hold


As an update to our story on Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s upcoming nuptials, it appears that a scheduling conflict on Joel’s end will prevent their wedding from taking place next week.

The Simple Life star had reportedly planned to marry the Good Charlotte rocker on October 13th, which is next Saturday, said TMZ. 

Unfortunately for them, Madden’s band will be touring Australia during that time, hence no dice.  A source told press,

“We are all laughing about it. The tour is still on and they have no marriage plans yet.”

Even the information regarding the alleged wedding planners seems to be incorrect.  According to Loraine Keseloff,

“I have no idea how this all got started. It’s been the most bizarre weekend. It’s all completely false.”

Either we’re getting lampooned so that they can have privacy, or someone got ahold of some bad information.

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2 Responses to Nicole Richie/Joel Madden Wedding On Hold

  1. breann

    duh! everyone knew joel would either have to cancel a concert to sold out fans or cancel his wedding… guess he chose his fans

  2. Ms.Madden

    dude… he had the concert planned way before… he was with Hilary wen he planned the concert… obviously hes gonna have to prospone the freaking wedding!!!1

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