Brody Keeps Quiet About Lauren Conrad Kisses


Just when you thought there weren’t any gentlemen left in Hollywood, Brody Jenner appears and proves that decency is still alive.  Despite rampant reports that he was playing tonsil hockey with Lauren Conrad, Brody isn’t responding.

Although, the Hills stud left plenty of fodder for imagining.  He told press,

“There was a lot of things they didn’t show. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Jenner wouldn’t dish anything regarding a possible rekindled romance with Conrad.  He just kept things casual, commenting,

“I talk to her every day, it’s just like any other friend.”

Lauren has also commented to press that she “stays friends with all her ex’s.” And that seems to include an extra-special friendship with Brody.  When are these two babes gonna realize that they need to get back together?

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6 Responses to Brody Keeps Quiet About Lauren Conrad Kisses

  1. SexiLexi69

    Brody is HOTT!!!!!!!!!! (And a gentleman!)

  2. aNnA

    I think Lauren and Brody would make a good couple. he’s not an asshole.

  3. gwen

    my GOD a hes the whole package, lauren and brody need to hook up again …

  4. mitchell

    they should so get back together like if i was lauren id do anythig to get back with him caz brody is gorgeous

  5. mitchell

    i so think they should get back together because like brody is hott!!! if i was lauren id do anything 2 get with him

  6. isy lomeli

    yeah they do make a cute couple, but then again he doesnt seem bf material.

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