Elodie gave Heidi a Taste of her own Medicine!


When Heidi asks Elodie to cover a work event for her so she and Spencer can celebrate their anniversary, Elodie says yes instead of telling Heidi that she can’t because she’d already quit after getting passed over for a promotion.

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3 Responses to Elodie gave Heidi a Taste of her own Medicine!

  1. Maddy

    Heidi didn’t even ask nicely! She was so rude. I am willing to bet that had she asked Elodie, rather than odered, and maybe used the word please (!), Elodie would have covered for her.

  2. joanne

    when does the hills start in uk

  3. Malka

    Elodie is pretty smart when it came down to this. Heidi deserved it. She knew Elodie wanted that promotion and the bitch was the first one to run and go be a brown nose. ha. It’s what she gets.

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