Britney Spears is NOT a Pop Princess!


Britney Spears is no longer a “Pop Princess”. She’s just a druggie mom that belongs as far away from her children as possible. She must think she is above the law because she refused to do ANYTHING that the court had ordered her to do:

  • Meet with drug counselor
  • Get drug tested
  • Enroll in parenting classes
  • Sign the judge’s order
  • Don’t drive with the kids in the car, because of her invalid CA license

Commissioner Scott Gordon was livid when he saw video of Britney driving with her children last weekend.

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32 Responses to Britney Spears is NOT a Pop Princess!

  1. sue

    ok well first of all … maby he shuld have did the whol drugs thing nd not drive with her kids but parenting classes come on… i noe i wuld be highly pissed ff ifsomeoe was tellin me how to raise my kids…

  2. Destiny

    Whatever some people need parenting classes some people didnt have good exampls and need to be showed how to do things

  3. Shanna

    Hey people….
    Leave Britney ALONE!!!!
    No one likes to have their life broadcast throughout their hometown much less the world!!!
    Every one goes through a down time…This is hers. We as human being should learn to be supportive of our fellow beings instead of acting so upright and perfect.Because let me tell ya…NO ONE IS PERFECT!! We are all liers and thieves if not there would be no reason for Jesus. So let all find peace within ourselves ans share it with the world.
    Peace Love Happiness

  4. Robyn

    Sue…is your keyboard missing letters or do you seriously not read over what you’ve written before you post?

    And Britney has shown that she needs a little bit of guidance in raising children.

  5. Amber

    Sue- Maybe you didn’t need parenting classes but a typing or spelling class may have helped. Britney has tried putting Crest white strips on her kids teeth, gives them coffe in their bottles and drives recklessly (papprazzi or not its a risk you take in the lime light) with her kids in the front seat. Come on doesn’t need classes- are you kidding me? If you are at the point of loosing your kids and all you have to do is put up with a few requirements to keep them- things that you should be doing or not doing anyway-like not doing drugs- then swallow your pride and get it done- or it shows how not serious you are about being a mom. Her kids probably shouldn’t be with K-Fed, but they really aren’t safe with her either.

  6. Donna

    Yes, just leave Brit alone. I believe she is now getting the help she needs…She understands what she done wrong, I just dont think she realized it would come back to her all at once….

  7. roberta

    She was’nt ready to be a mom!!!!! She put her career at risk when she got married, and know that she has two kids she needs to try to do her best I know she can she just needs to try harder. I mean its easy to fuck up but with two kids now you dont have time to fuck up!!!

  8. Sara

    This is all rediculous! I totally agree with Shanna! We’re human beings..we make mistakes and what do you expect is going to happen when your a celebrity!? It’s gonna get blown out of proportion! Federline is goin out and parytin too!! Maybe not as much as she does but he’s still doin it. I really don’t think she needs parenting classes eiether…why let someone tell you how to raise your own kids!! When your a new mom your gonna make some mistakes..some bigger than others…she just needs to learn from it. This is all blown up bigger than it should be…

  9. Jac

    Apparently she doesn’t own a razor either….

  10. Teresa

    I don’t think either Britney nor Kevin should have those kids until they show a change in parenting skills and can work together for their children and not against each other. Maybe they need to take those children into protective custody like they would anybody else’s that would act like this they are no different.

  11. rosebud

    brittany doesnt deserve her children! i live for my children! i make sure they r safe clean and well fed and that their homework is done and they get plenty of rest and have good male enfluences in their lives me being a single parent We look to the Grandparents and Uncles for guidance especially if the dad is not around to b involved in their lives for whatever reason! so Brittany take the classes stay off the drugs and find out what seat belts and carseats r for for u and ur children and show them u r and can be a great parent and loving parent not a destructive mother who is taken her children down with her!

  12. Heather

    ok just because she does those things doesn’t make her any different from the rest of us….so she has money but dont’ some people have more money than others(speaking both of non-famous people and famous people)
    Everyone judges too much and I think society plays a big role in that these days

  13. Kelly

    Ok– here’s the issue… Everyone does have down points, but they don’t usually last for YEARS. You can seriously look at this and call it a “down time”??? Are you serious??? And she DOESN’T need parenting classes??? You have got to be kidding me.Drugs, alcohol, partying, wreckless driving with your kids in the car, driving without a license???? What has she done that HASN’T put her kids at risk??? I really hope that all of you who DON’T think she needs parenting classes, or some sort of intervention, NEVER have kids….

  14. Robyn

    Yes, Kelly, I agree. I think it’s really sad that all of these people who are saying she doesn’t need help really feel that way. I do understand that every new parent makes mistakes and that they don’t all need parenting classes. But, famous or not, I think that if you SHAVE YOUR HEAD AND DO DRUGS AND PARTY CONSTANTLY AND DRIVE ILLEGALLY WITH YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR you should have your kids taken away until you can get your act together. I would say the same thing about my closest friends if they were in this situation. So I’m not just picking on Britney because she’s famous. I think that some people just stick up for her because she IS a celebrity and they like her music. I’m not saying she’s a horrible person…some of the nicest people I know have gotten mixed up in that stuff. I think you should put your feeling about her personality aside and look at the situation: she needs help. If she refuses it, fine, let her go through that low point. But she should not be allowed to subject her children to it. They need someone to take care of them and protect them, and she’s not in that frame of mind right now.


    Disrespectful people who are not supporting and talking negative thingsabout Britney. Are not helping her do better all your doing is bringing her down!
    Your lucky that isnt and proably wont happen to you. You need to realize we are humans we make many mistakes in life! As for Britney she should pray and ignore the negative comments.


    Britney is a strong women she will soon realize her mistakes and will try to live a better life.

  17. meg

    has anyone not noticed that she cant even shave, so why should we trust her with her kids?

  18. meg

    well its true isnt it?

  19. Adrienne

    LMAO. I thought that was a jungle jumping out of her underarm in that picture.

  20. Jennifer

    Wow. If you’re going to sit here, and defend Miss Britney Spears as if you actually KNOW her… at least learn how to spell .. It’s funny – the people who are FOR Britney having custody of her children can’t spell. That shows it there. Get educated people .. then maybe you’ll realize that Britney Spears is a pig. She is NOWHERE near a fit mother, and should have her tubes tied. She is a disgrace to her family .. ”Awww poor Britney.. should have had some more guidance.. should have had people to show her how to be a mom … ” No Bullshit. If you have ONE kid.. and don’t know how to take care of it.. You should keep your fat legs closed and definately not have another one. Get off the drugs, Get off the alcohol, Stop worrying about your career (You already have enough money to be comfortable), worry about your kids, get a Goddamn legit valid drivers license if you plan to drive, Let your hair grow, Get back on the treadmill and PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!!!!!

  21. Jennifer


  22. Meme

    Ya know, this just goes to show why a woman shouldn’t have kids just in the hopes she can use them to keep her man. It didn’t work for his previous ex, so why would it work for her! I just want to re[eat what I said when she stole him from his other woman … “Congratualtions! You have a man who chats, and now he has you to cheat on too!”

    Seriously, I can’t believe she thought popping out two babies real fast was gonna keep him around …

  23. Tiffany

    First and foremost, I agree with everyone who says she was not ready to be a mom. And yes I also agree with everyone who said that we are all humans and we all make mistakes, but come on, putting innocent children at risk that did not ask to be here in the first place is not a good mistake. I could understand if Britney screwed up once, maybe twice, but as much as she has screwed up, a mother who truely cares does not care! Ok, well that was a little harsh, I’m sure she does, but she doesnt show it! I know several females who have children, and their children are not with them b/c they party all the time and dont want anything to do with them. How can a woman do that? I have a 2 year old and when I got pregnant, I completley changed my life around and I have been living clean from all the stupid stuff I used to do since! I just hope for Britney’s and her childrens’ sake that she cleans up. They do need their mother in their life!

  24. Lynn

    Anybody can make a mistake, and anybody can clean up after the mistakes, but it is up to the individual that is in the mess. Brittney has chosen not to clean up her act and she deserves everthing that comes her way…I don’t have any pitty for her…I am a recovering drug addict and have been clean for almost 5 years but I made the choice…she has to make the decision to clean up her act..Just food for thought..

  25. Brandi

    I’m a mother myself to a 2 1/2 yr old and I know sometimes it can be overwhelming and sometimes it can be crazy. And everyone deserves to party every now and then. But you do it when YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR KIDS

  26. ~April~

    she thinks she is all that and she isnt any better than the rest of us just because she has money so its about time everyone gets treated as they deserve

  27. Miss Misfortune

    ok my personal opinion is that britney is going to come back, and kick the drugs, and stop her wild lifestyle. but as far as her kids are concerned, she does not deserve to have them at this point in her life.
    i dont know if anyone read the whole thing about how k-fed and her had that whole split custody thing, where they had to make arrangements with eachother to take the children out of whatever state? well britney took shawn and jayden without saying anything to k-fed, on vacation somewhere for a week. so basically she got in trouble for that too. all im saying is that at this point in life, brit is an UNFIT parent, and should not have her children with her.

  28. Christine

    I find it totally unbelievable that so many of you are concerned with a woman you’ve never met and are unlikely to ever meet. O.K. We’ll concede that she’s in the public eye and thanks to our alarmist media and her own actions is a bad role model for your children. I can dig your concerns. Remembering that I am not a parent, I must ask why we (and that would be all of us who took the time to comment) have avidly followed Ms. Spears’ descent into madness. Do your children know how you feel about Brit and Kevin’s break-up, or that Brit shaved her head? Do they care? I’m sure that as responsible adults we have a duty to let our children, friends and family know that Brit is right/wrong/messed up/in need of help/crying out for help etc. The fate of Brit may very well depend on your opinion. Meanwhile, where are your children? Who do they idolize and why? Do you approve of that? Have you told them so?

  29. Amanda

    Wow, this is disturbing! Shave your pits, you filthy pig!

  30. kev

    ok…well i do agree that she does need to shave under her arms and that she has made mistakes! Have you ever made a mistake?….thought so! I think she will straighten her life up and I think when she does she should get her children back, but meanwhile i don’t think k-fed should have them! if brit has to have supervised visitations I think he should to, b/c i mean he is doing the same things she did except his isn’t shown in the public eye! Come on people quit being such a bitch to her! What did she ever do to you?

  31. Megan

    Everyone is all, “leave britney alone” wah wah. If she didn’t love all of this media attention, she would not have been out pumping gas while KFED was in court for the custody hearing. Her white trash ass would have been in court too.

  32. saurii

    the devil let people be as it’s up to you one day you will realize their mistakes.

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