Britney Spears Pays A Visit To The DMV


In between a trip to the tanning salon and a night running around town, Britney Spears made the appropriate decision to stop at the DMV and clear up her license issues.

As reported previously by the CelebPox, the 25-year-old pop tart handed her two sons over to a bodyguard of Kevin Federline’s, after losing custody in an ongoing legal matter.

While at the DMV, People reports tell, “There, Spears filled out paperwork and took a written test. DMV regulations do not require a behind-the-wheel test.”

Many believe that the Gimme More singer’s inability to provide a valid California’s driver’s license was one of the reasons that she lost custody of her two sons.

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2 Responses to Britney Spears Pays A Visit To The DMV

  1. Donna

    That last line sounds so stupid! that her boys were takin away because of her drivers license? who said that?

  2. Rebecca

    Ah, So everyone that has children the requirements would be a valid driver’s license? No, I wouldn’t think so that’s really not a reason to loose your children. That is a lame excuse to loose custody. Those poor children being ran through all this chaos with those two Idiots that just don’t think of those children for a minute.

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