Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Set a Date!


Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are getting married on October 13th in Laguna Beach, California. Stay tuned for details!

Everybody’s invited!

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9 Responses to Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Set a Date!

  1. hilaryduff

    ¿Uh hmm may I please get theè adress?

  2. ParisHilton

    Nichole you better invite me! (OR ELSE)

  3. GoodCharlotte

    Were going to be there!!!

  4. ParisHilton

    Im going to drink like a rockstar hope I dont get a dui

  5. oops

    I don’t think your supposed to be laying on your stomach when your close to being 5 mths pregnant..Frickin rich people..

  6. Renee

    That isn’t good idea about laying on your stomach while you are preg. cause that will hurt the baby! damn girl, you need to be careful! How do i know cause I am mother!

  7. nicole richie

    i can do what i please, can i get on my knees

  8. Dani

    GOD PEOPLE!! Your all idiots ( the ones of you talking shit ) She is not an idiot and Im sure has listened to her doc. Mine didnt have a problem with me laying on my stomach the whole time. Get a damn life and stop trying to act like lil know it all bitches!

  9. Teresa

    lol – funny. you know – i was once a crazy party girl. doing whatever i felt like sniffing drugs and smoking pot.. and then i got pregnant with my first child. When you become pregnant – you learn, and change. cant anyone give nicole the benefit of the doubt?? i would say im a great mother now, i dont drink, smoke, or do any crazy partying. i bet nicole will be the same. as for the laying on your belly thing.. i bet its uncomfortable.. but at 5 months your not really that big yet, and it wont kill the kid. im 6 months pregnant, and i like to sleep on my side turned mostly tward my belly, and my kid is perfectly fine!! let the girl take a pic with her man and be happy!! – btw – i love your crazy personality nicole. you would get along great with me and my sister!

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