Miley Cyrus Talks to TV’s Extra!


Hannah Montana’s star, Miley Cyrus, 14, is trying her best to to keep her reputation squeeky clean.  She does not want to be associated as a “typical” Disney star.

Miley responded to false reports of a pregnancy by telling TV’s Extra:


“It’s given me the street cred to say that would be impossible, because I’m living my life the way I believe is right and that is to stay pure.”  

Cyrus does not believe in sex before marriage, she said, “No, I don’t at all!”

Britney uttered those same words back in the late ’90s.

We all know how she turned out!

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11 Responses to Miley Cyrus Talks to TV’s Extra!

  1. ilovesyou

    Miley Cyrus is not dumb she is a smart girl well atleast she should be.

  2. Sarah

    if you all don’t hound her like you did brittney then she won’t have to turn out like britt did… it’s sick that celebrity’s are covered more than the almost 4000 troops who gave their lives for us to chose to follow and write this crap… and I can say this because i read the magazines and watch the damn shows… we need more awareness shows pointed towards young people… like the colbert report or the daily show… new generation…

  3. hyacinth

    The only thing Miley and Britney have in common is that they’re both singers. How would you like to be constantly compared to other people, hearing, “So and so did it, so he/she will too.” That’s stupid and whoever does this site needs to GROW UP AND GET A LIFE. Leave Miley alone!

  4. Deborah

    i agree with the last comment

  5. samantha

    Ok, seriously now.. Why do stupid people always start rumors about celebs??
    Its stupid, rude and pointless.
    Come on now, don’t you have anything better to do than sit on your fat asses and think up what rumor to post next??
    God, get a life you pathetic losers.
    I think that a preg teen rumor is almost as low as you could go.
    All you pathetic-fat ass-loser people out there, GET A LIFE!!

  6. Lisa

    What the hell? Leave the girl alone!! She’s a good country girl and she’s a daddy’s girl. Don’t make her out to be the next Britney Spears! She is her own person! And if everyone just leave Britney alone she would be fine, too! Everyone makes mistakes and we shouldn’t judge people on them!!

  7. menka

    god i cant believe someone even spread such a horrible rumour about her. shes just 14 for gods sake…and a very sensible person too, i’m sure.

  8. Nada

    First of all, Miley ISNT like britney at ALL. Britney is in a league all her own, you cant catergorize miley with her…ewww!

  9. kathy

    i agree with sara 100%. who cares about who is pregnant in hollywood whether its a rumor or the truth. what about all the soldiers who are missing out on their childrens lives. that to me is much better news for any tv show or magazine!!!!!

  10. doodts

    its not right to compare her to Brit..

  11. Hannah

    i think that Miley is a good girl, and more girls should be like her. Brittney Spears just needs some mental help like most of America today, most of you who are making fun of her are probably just like her. So leave her alone.

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