Pink Wants Out!


Pink was overheard telling her friends that her marriage to Carey Hart may be over. UsWeekly reports that Pink told her girlfriends, Were just not getting along anymore. We each need our space. We need our distance. Its not like it was when we first started.”

A friend of Carey’s confirms this by saying the couple are getting divorced. This source said, Carey is tired of her always accusing him of cheating, and hes fed up with the constant arguing. He says he cannot deal with her anymore. Its his decision to put an end to this. They are 100 percent getting a divorce.

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4 Responses to Pink Wants Out!

  1. A.W.

    He is SOOOO FINE!

  2. Nicole Bush

    I kinda knew that their marriage wouldn’t last cuz divorce is the thing nowadays. so i’m not surprised about their marriage. i bet most people are happy….but i’m not i wish that they would go see a marriage counselor or somthing and try to work their marriage out.

  3. bubbalicious

    what an arse, i love pink!

  4. Ashley

    I hope that they work it out. They are made for each other! SHE IS FINE AS HELL AND HE HIS FINE AS HELL

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