Is Britney Spears Engaged?


Is Britney Spears hiding an engagement? The “Gimme More” singer is sporting what appears to be an engagement ring on a very important finger.  Could she possibly be hiding a secret romance?

Britney is set to release her “comeback” album this November. It looks like it’s going to take a few more big publicity stunts and a couple rabbits from a hat to pull this one off! But who knows?  Maybe after all of the crap she’s endured (and created for herself) over the past year, she’ll end 2007 with a killer career boost.

1447903414_a1fdcf45e4_preview.jpg     87885113.jpg

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7 Responses to Is Britney Spears Engaged?

  1. Carmzzz

    She’s mine

  2. Lisa

    The ring in the pic is on her right hand but the close up of her hand is on the left. That doesn’t even look like her hand. I don’t believe it. I think they do anything to have gossip about her. LEAVE HER ALONE!!

  3. Butishn

    Someone get this girl a manicure…Yuck!

  4. LaShay

    The ring is so on her right hand!!! Engagement rings go on the left!!! I mean c’mon!!!

  5. ~Crystal~

    1st of all…the hand in question…(top pic)a ring goes on ur LEFT HAND, thats a right hand. LMAO…DUH!!!!!!

  6. ashley

    okay so waht if she might be engaged but just like lisa said it could be anything just to gossip about her… get over it… shes been thru enuff in the year… why not cuz that mother a break! SHES ONLY HUMAN! HELLO!!!!!!!!

  7. Deborah

    thats her freakinn right hand so leave her alone

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