Britney Spears’ Night With Sean and Jayden


Back in LA after a short trip to Atlanta, Britney Spears spent yesterday evening out and about with sons Jayden James and Sean Preston.

And with Jayden looking on at his mother as if to be saying “Help Me!” the troubled pop tart made a stop in Santa Monica after missing her turn onto the 405 freeway. Those on the scene tell that the Gimme More singer had a bit of trouble with her directional senses before finally getting back on the road.

Meanwhile, the latest reports from E! Online are claiming that “Britney’s legal team, and the few friends and family members who are still talking to her, are urging the pop-tart to enter rehab, which would be her fourth stint this year, for alleged substance-abuse issues.”

“She has said she’ll go again,” a source informed E!, adding, “But everyone is worried she won’t go at the last minute.”

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5 Responses to Britney Spears’ Night With Sean and Jayden

  1. Iwalani

    if everyone would leave her alone maybe she wouldn’t b so screwed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kayla

    Brittany I am praying for you!

  3. Carmine

    ummm…has she heard of laws
    cuz if this was anyone else
    their kids would have been taken away a long time ago.
    She needs to grow up

  4. ~Crystal~

    i am wishin the best for u Brit….IM PRAYIN 4 U….I agree that people should juss leave her alone.. I mean damn give her some time…she’ll get better, her kids need her like every kid needs they momma.

  5. oops

    re:carmin..You obviously don’t know the law it takes a hell of alot more then being naked and fucked up in front your kids to get taken away..ther goal is to revaluate you to be a better mother,not to rip your children from you..everyone makes mistakes but as long as your not beating the shit out of them and starving them then you deserve a fair chance..I will be praying for you britt.cause as a mother i know the unbreakable bond you hold..regardless of your mistakes..Good Luck..

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