Lindsay Lohan named in divorce of British heiress


A British heiress has started divorce proceedings in the wake of claims that Lindsay Lohan had sex with her musician husband in the toilet of a rehab clinic.

Sensational divorce papers identifying Mean Girls star Lohan were filed last week by US lawyers acting for Stephanie Allen, 28, whose family is worth $720 million.

Mother-of-two Stephanie, from Lincolnshire, pulls no punches against her husband Tony, 39, the Dead Stays Alive frontman, in the 52-pages filed in Chatham County Court in Savannah, Georgia.

Stephanie states that her three-year marriage “is irretrievably broken” and gives the grounds for divorce as his “adultery” and ‘cruel treatment.’ The papers also accuse her husband of being “guilty of habitual drug addiction” and that she should retain custody of their eight-month-old twins.

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2 Responses to Lindsay Lohan named in divorce of British heiress

  1. Shanna

    First off they have no proof of the affair. Just another person wanting to be famous.And obviously very insecure.

  2. stephanie

    very true and lindsey
    DEFENITLY doesn’t need the paparazzi on her!!!

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