Nicole & Joel’s Hawaii Getaway!


Nicole Richie & Joel Madden take a nice relaxing break in Hawaii for Nicole’s 26th Birthday.  Check out that ever growing baby bump!

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5 Responses to Nicole & Joel’s Hawaii Getaway!

  1. Samantha

    Is it just me, or does her belly look a lil weird?
    I was preg and my belly looked diff. And all the other bellies I’ve seen haven looked like that.
    Given she is laying down and she only about 5mos, but still.
    Her bump looks a bit crooked and deformed.
    She shouldn’t be preggy anyways.
    If her kid comes out perfect, its gonna be amazing.
    I personally hope something happens, because then maybe she would learn to stop bein a f*ing druggie and get some common sense knocked into her skinny body.

  2. Adrienne

    She definately doenst look healthy at 5 mos. At all!!!!

  3. Deborah

    yuck it looks like there are 2 bumps

  4. Dani

    Samantha you obviously dont know any nautrally skinny women who have been preggo. I had the shape of my baby till the 8th month and the doc said that both me and the baby were healthy. Everyone needs to stop giving these stars so much crap and let them live. She isn’t perfect…BUT NEITHER ARE YOU!

  5. Marissa

    Samantha, assuming your a fatass because your knocking someone down just for being skinny, id watch what you say- your a shady person for EVER wishing a deformed or dead child on someone. maybe this baby was heaven sent. not to get all religious, but maybe this baby was a gift from God to save Nicole’s life and to knock some good sense in her. and she shouldnt be “preggy”? SHIT HAPPENS lady, look at it as “shes keeping the baby and has decided to be the best mother she possibly can be”. Your probably one of those self centered arrogant people who are for abortion. We all make mistakes, and living in the lime-light of being a celebrity your whole life, and not being able to run to the local store to get a pack of gum without being crowded by cameras flashing in your face, and having to wait in your car for atleast 20 minutes until you can move because of the crowd surrounding you IS hard. she’s obviously trying to get her life together, but of course, when their life isnt together they get dawged on, and when they finally get it together someone STILL hast to make a comment about negativity- there is no such thing as a DEFORMED stomach when your pregnet- do research before you start preaching- and speaking of preaching, id re-think the things you said, because who knows how karma will come back to you

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