Fresh Celebutant Blood!


We am so sick of Britney, Lindsay, Nicole, Paris and whomever else.  We need some new blood and I’ll take what I can get! Here’s Tallulah Belle (13yo daughter of Bruce and Demi) and Frances Bean (15yo daughter of Courtney and Kurt) at last night’s Teen Vogue party.  

13 and 15 isn’t what it used to be, eh? Hopefully these girls will do something else besides drive drunk, get knocked up, slut around or show their private business.

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2 Responses to Fresh Celebutant Blood!

  1. Shanna

    Please, they are the next Britney, Lindsay, Paris and Nicole….Look at them,they look corrupted already!!!! Remind you that 13 and 15 is when it all starts!!!!

  2. Rae

    Where have I been? I didn’t know that Kurt and Courtney had a kid!! She is beautiful…but scary and Tallulah looks JUST like her mom!!!

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