Pamela Anderson- Engaged again!


Marrying classy men has never been Pamela Anderson’s forte. Just look at Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, both former husbands to the Baywatch babe.

Sticking with the tradition of questionable marital decision making, Pam is now engaged to another prize catch, who landed her by requesting “sexual favors” to clear a poker debt.

How soon the two will hit the altar is still up in the air. After saying that she was engaged, Ellen pointed out there were no rings. To this, Pam responded: “No. Rings are bad luck – that I learned from experience. We may never get that far. But we’re in love.”

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One Response to Pamela Anderson- Engaged again!

  1. BrideToBe

    What a slut hoe bag! Is she trying to keep up with J.Lo?

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