We admit it, we are slackers. But we have been busy!


Yep, you probably noticed the lack of post and updates for quite a while now and we apologize for slacking. But we have been working behind the scenes, honest!

Although not directly related to post here, we have been forming new relationships with partner sites as well as building a new site ourselves, which we are super excited about (more on that in a minute).

We are getting back to gear up our posting again but we are just overwhelmed with work. Because of that, we are looking for more people who love celebrity gossip and news and that are interested in contributing here, and other places. Meaning if you think you have what it takes to write about great gossip and want to have it published here then we may be looking for you. This site is more of a passion than for profit but we are willing to share any revenue we make with those that contribute. Just don’t expect to get rich or famous ;) . If you are interested and think you can make a difference send us a note explaining why you would be a great part of the team. As long as you love gossip/news and have at least basic writing skills, and can find the great news everyone wants to read and talk about, you should be able to help. Send us an email at: scoop (at) celebits.com

One of our projects is a collaboration with a great new blog (yet to be named while it’s being worked on). This “sister” blog to Celebpox will also include celeb news and gossip and such but also get more into other things you will love such as fashion news and articles, music reviews and news and all things entertainment. This is still probably a couple weeks off but we are working hard to get things setup and looking great. Which is just another reason we need more great writers who want to take part…see, you don’t just have to love celebs but if you can write about fashion, music, movies and all that fun stuff we can find a place for you ;) . More news on this new blog to come soon.

Ok, so what is the big news? Well we have been working hard building a cool new site. This one isn’t just for us to post about the latest celeb gossip but for all celebrity lovers to post to. If you know about and use digg then you will already know pretty much exactly what it is. It is a news aggregator site specifically geared to celebrity gossip, news and industry happenings. Sound fun? We think so but be sure to let us know what you think. So now you can find great updates on celeb news and gossip here at Celebpox but also get all the highlights of the latest breaking news from all the various news sources. You can even take part and submit stories yourself really easily. Then you just browse through the stories and vote for the ones that you find worthy. Those higher voted stories get bumped up the pages so the most interesting news is always highlighted. Celeb Gossip and news submitted and chosen by the fans themselves!

So, what’s the site? Well we already hinted at it if you saw the contact email above. Yep, the new site is www.CeleBits.com ! Go there now and take a good look and then come back here and tell us if we did ok or if we bombed. It’s still in an early testing phase so you are some of the very first people to see or use it but it’s really close to the point where we want to let the whole world know about it.

Go check out CeleBits now! Just be sure to comeback ;)


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5 Responses to We admit it, we are slackers. But we have been busy!

  1. digglit

    latest victoria beckham newsx news – great new clebrity gossip site CeleBits.com plus more updates | CelebPox

  2. andrea

    you guys should really hurry up cause seeing the same thing day in and day out is getting to be very very boring….

  3. Gossip-news.net

    I really liked your article. My compliments!! Thank you!

  4. shopmy.org

    How much money does a footballer get when he is transferred from one club to another?

  5. FamousNews

    Looking forward to your new site layout. I can say that you have some pretty good news feeds here.

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