Nicole and Joel reveal the first photos of Harlow!


Nicole Richie and Joel Madden revealed the first photos of their daughter Harlow Winter.

Nicole poses with the month-old baby on the cover of this week’s People magazine, and says becoming a mother has given her life a “whole new meaning”.

Nicole said that “Harlow came out and I knew she looked like me, and I was holding her, and it was something so much bigger than me. Now she looks a little more like Joel, but when she was born, it looked like Joel had nothing to do with it. But it’s almost like I don’t even remember what life was like before her. She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose.”

People magazine is said to have paid $1 million for the pictures, which will feature on the cover of their next issue, which hits US newsstands on Friday.

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10 Responses to Nicole and Joel reveal the first photos of Harlow!

  1. Amanda

    Oh my god she is beautiful.. She has the best of both Nicole & Joel.. God bless!!!

  2. Jessica

    She’s so little it’s hard to tell really who she looks like, but I bet when she grows up she will be just as beautiful and fashionable as her mommy!

  3. Danni


  4. lauren

    she is adorable!!
    I like her name too. God she’s precious.

  5. SJ

    Harlow Winter Kate is adorable!
    and i thought she would be an ugly baby…
    i was so wrong!

  6. Some Chick

    Awwe, she’s so cute! Nicole looks so proud and in deep love with her new baby too! :-)

  7. Eva

    That is one pretty baby! She’s going to be a knock-out! I don’t like the names too much, with the exception of Kate but….that’s just me.

  8. New York Gurl

    awwwwwww she’s adorable. :)

  9. danielle

    okay guys, do you really think she’s beautiful or are you just saying that because A) she’s a baby or B) she’s a celebrity baby or C) both.

    i’m not saying she’s ugly or anything, but she’s really not that cute.

  10. Grant

    She really isnt

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