Dannielynn Goes Under the Knife!


Yep!  You guessed it!  Dannielynn Hope is cross-eyed!

Dannielynn is about to go under the knife to get her eyes fixed and Larry Birkhead has already promised to not allow cameras in.

Larry Birkhead said,

 “I don’t mind letting the world know how she is when she’s done, but no cameras will be there during the surgery. The only reason I spoke about it to begin with was because people blamed Anna’s medications when, in fact, it’s genetic.”

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3 Responses to Dannielynn Goes Under the Knife!

  1. New York Girl

    Poor Dannielynn!!!!!! She’s having surgery at such a young age…..but it’s better to get it fix early, then later on.

  2. Eva

    That is so sad, I have to keep wondering if the drugs she did while pregnant had something to do with this…I hope they fix it though, she deserves much, much better…

  3. Tulsa Dupuis

    I myslef have a 7 yr old who has the same problem as Dannielynn. We noticed it early and started getting help for it at about 1 yr old. He has not had surgery but has been wearing glasses and it has straightened some but not completly. By the way I nor did the father do any type of drugs. It can happen to anyone.

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