Christina Punked Out of Natural Birth!


Christina Aguilera is a punk! †She said that she decided not to give birth to baby Max the natural way, because she was too scared and didn’t want to go through the pain. She gave birth via c-section and booked in advance. That’s how they do it in Hollywood.

She told Hello Magazine,

I didn’t want any surprises. Honestly, I didn’t want any [vaginal] tearing. I had heard horror stories of women going in and having to have an emergency C-section [anyway]. The hardest part was deciding on his birthday. I wanted to leave it up to fate, but at the same time I was ready to be done early!”

“Jordan wasn’t squeamish at all. He had the video†camera†ready to go. The most reassuring thing for me was hearing that first beautiful cry. I just welled up with tears.

She actually cried? Didn’t she care about messing up her make up? She probably got wet mascara all over her poor baby. I don’t understand the c-section stuff. Isn’t a little tear in your va-jay-jay better than a big scar on your belly? It’s called meds Christina. All she needed was major meds and the vag tear would have been nothing.


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16 Responses to Christina Punked Out of Natural Birth!

  1. lisa1986_02

    ok you might think she is a punk but i can understand why she did it there are alot of things that can go wrong during a natraul birth and it’s called waterproff mascara so that probley wasn’t a problem if she even wore makeup so in my oppinion she did what she thought was rite in her eyes

  2. Selema

    Who are you to judge on how she gives she gives birth?
    And what’s wrong with a C-section anyways? Get a life.

  3. New York Girl

    Yep I totally agree. I think a small vaginal tear would be better than a scar. When I have a baby, I rather have a vaginal birth than a c-section.

  4. Emily

    seriously who cares shes just like any other person. its her kid and her pain she can do whatever she wants. she didnt ask the oublic to tell her how to have her kid.

  5. Jeanie

    They sure can dig up dirt on the celebrities. Why should it matter to the public how she decided to have birth to her child…

  6. Gayle

    I have had one both ways, and I would pick vaginal birth any day. But that is just me.

    The way the baby came into the world doesn’t really matter. As long as he is loved

  7. Heather

    Ok, I don’t think she was a punk at all, it is entirely up to her whether or not she decides to have natural or c section birth. I personally wouldn’t want vaginal tearing either. I have seen some of my friends’ c-scars and they aren’t bad at all. they look like a crease in the skin and is REALLY as far down as it can get. You can still wear a bikini without anyone noticing.
    I think once someone becomes a mom thay aren’t as materialistic as to whether or not they are wearing mascara or not. Her son is beautiful and he is blessed to be with these parents…geez find something else to gossip about rather than whether she had natural or not.

  8. Kristen

    okay i know that you all are saying a vaginal tears isnt all that bad but have any of you had a vaginal tear due to giving birth?? I bet you have and if you havent let me tell you it isnt fun!!! I have 3 kids and had a vaginal tear on all three and it hurt SOOOOOOOOO bad. if i could i would have got a c-section too. I would have much rather had a tiny scare on my bikin line that will faded then to have to deal with the pain and after effects of a vagnial tear like i am. so before you all speak why dont you go through it first. MORE POWER TO YA CHRISTINA

  9. Julie

    I had 3 kids the natural way, it the pain was not that big of a deal. It hurt during the birth, but the recovery was easy… Everyone I have talked to said recovering from a c-section is SO much harder. I would rather have a little pain at first, then a ton of pain later on… But to each his own.

  10. celebgossipfiend

    I don’t understand why celebrities even get the choice of deciding when they want to have their baby. I have had 2 children naturally and as someone else said, have hear that c-sections, for the most part, are worse! It really doesn’t make sense to me how some doctor can allow some inexperienced person to make the decison to go into a major surgery because she’s scared! What mother isn’t scared when they are getting ready to have their baby? I just don’t get Hollywood…it’s like another world.

  11. celebgossipfiend

    I also had a horrible tear my first time along with a cracked tail bone…I still would not want to frickin worry about an incision and I have had friends who’s incisions have came open and their husbands have had to stuff gauze in them…sure doesn’t sound like fun. I guess celebs don’t have to worry about actually taking care of their newborn after a c-section though b/c they all have nannys…ridiculous.

  12. Tiffany

    I gave birth on January 25th. I had an emergency c- section after 11 hours of labor without any med’s (my babies heart stopped because my contractions were to strong). I was the person who wanted the 100% natural birth. When it comes right down to it all that matters is in the end you have a beautiful healthy baby. How you get there doesn’t even matter.

  13. Katie

    Seriously, who cares how she had the baby? Everyone has their opinion on which ones worse, as on other person said, to each his own..couldn’t agree more. I don’t care how I have my baby as long as it comes healthy, thats the only thing thats matters. She can choose what she wants, its called free will. It’s not like she put the baby in danger. Again, who cares? Find another topic to talk about thats actually of relevance.

  14. Linny

    First off, it isn’t only Hollywood that can decide to have a c-section and choose a date in advanced, that is the most uneducated and idiotic statement. For one, a friend of mine had complications, her baby was in the wrong direction and they knew she wouldn’t change positions by the due date so they schedule a c-section a little sooner than the due date so that no complications came up if she went into labor early. I also had told my doctor that I wanted a c-section. I was so nervous about a natural birth that my blood pressure was sky high the last 2 months of my pregnancy and when I went into labor I had all the meds possible, but they don’t work on me, and my nerves got so bad that the baby started to have problems. In the end, after 22 hours of hard labor they decided it was best for the BOTH of us to have a c-section. I wasn’t worried about pain, that goes away, I just knew of all the complications, plus I know my body. I don’t blame her. She was smart to be honest and say, “hey this frightens me, I don’t want to risk more complications by elevated blood pressure”. Luckily, her doctor listened to her. And yes, c-section recovery sucks, but a vaginal tear isn’t the easiest thing to get over, try sitting on a donut for a few weeks.

  15. Candace

    I had my first child natural and wore my blue jeans out the hospital. My second child was emergency c section and recovery time was way worse especially already having a child to chase after and not being able to hold. But I just wanna say natural is way better and I didnt get an epidural it was too late by the time I asked for one. But I pulled thru anyway and I love both my boys the same.

  16. Me

    Yes I agree little tear is nothing, you can’t even tell she had a baby. I had a second degree tear and no scar is visible. Vagina also went back to normal and sex is great. If I had a c section I’d definitely have a flab of fat over a noticeable scar which isn’t good. I have some fat on my belly lol. So natural is 100% better for me.

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