TomKat: Another Day, Another Drama


Will the help of police escorts, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made their way out of the trendy Joan’s on Third restaurant in Los Angeles earlier today.

The Hollywood supercouple, who wore classy matching suit ensembles, are once again the focus of media rumors – as the latest tells that Holmes was at one time secretly pregnant with ex-fiance Chris Klein’s baby.

A reported friend of Klein’s allegedly told tabloids:

“Shortly after his (Klein’s) relationship with Katie ended, Chris and I had a heart-to-heart. We were having dinner at Cafeteria, a restaurant in New York’s Chelsea district, when Chris blurted out: ‘Dude, you know I got Katie preggers.’”

The insider added:

“There was a long silence. I realized Chris had said more than he had intended. My next thought was: ‘What happened to the baby?’ (But) from the look in Chris’ eyes, I realized this was highly personal. I didn’t want to probe any further.”

Since that time, a spokesperson for Holmes has insisted there is no truth to the allegations, branding the story as “false,” reports MSNBC.

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