Poor Zahara!


Angie and Brad seem to never let 2-year-old Zahara walk on her own and maybe it’s because homegirl needs some hip work. There are reports that Zahara suffers from hip dysplasia which means her thigh isn’t connected to her hip correctly. She needs braces to re-set her limbs.

A source said, “Brad and Angelina have talked with their paediatrician, who told them Zahara may need to have surgery.”

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3 Responses to Poor Zahara!

  1. DD

    Maybe the reason she has hip displaysia is because they carry her everywhere. Just a thought!

  2. Wendy

    You do not get hip dyplasia from being carried. People find any little reason they can to attack and berate others. Get a life

  3. Shanna

    There is no facts for the reason the girl is being carried around.Maybe she is favored the most.Either way lets keep the kiddos out of it.I think that with all the money her parents have if there was a major problem like that it would have been takin care by now!! I have seen photos of the little girl walking so like I said leave the kiddos out of it! Hate on someone your own size!

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