Has Tyra Banks Gone Crazy?


In case you were wondering, this is not the cycle 10 girls of America’s Next Top Model. It’s Tyra Bank’s talk show audience starting a new revelation.

We’re not quite sure what that revolution is but we know it involves burning your bra’s! During a taping of the supermodel’s talk show in New York, Tyra Banks and her studio audience stepped outside in the freezing cold to burn some bras.

If you’ll notice, Queen Tyra never actually takes her coat off. And I bet that if someone spoke up about it, she’d tell them that she’s done photo-shoots in Alaska with grizzly bears, wearing nothing more than an ice bikini and that once the person accusing her of wussing out had done that, they could talk to her. She’s Tyra, y’all!

15.jpg 21.jpg 31.jpg 41.jpg 

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2 Responses to Has Tyra Banks Gone Crazy?

  1. Angel


  2. SJ

    Now, Tyra is awesome.. but she is usually just plain CRAZY!


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