Britney Spears Gets Committed


We were all hoping that she’d get the help she needs, and now it looks like Britney Spears may finally be on the long road to recovery.

Earlier this morning, Britney was transported by ambulance (with a police escort motorcade) to the UCLA Medical Center and placed on a psychiatric hold.  She arrived around 1am.

The process began after Brit had another temper tantrum.  According to an insider,

“She was driving around her neighborhood like a mad-woman.  Britney has been prescribed medication which she refuses to take. This is just another sad, sad evening.”

Allegedly, the “Piece of Me” singer’s shrink was called to the house, and upon observing Britney’s erratic behavior, decided it was time to have her committed and called the cops.

Both Jamie and Lynne Spears were present when the police and ambulance arrived to haul the troubled singer over to the hospital.  A source revealed,

“there is no question she is bipolar… she’s had manic episodes for years.” And an LAPD spokesperson confirmed, “Spears was escorted by police and is on her way to get help.”

The “Toxic” songstress is under what is known as a 5150, an emergency 72-hour hold for treatment and evaluation.

Reportedly, Brit’s father and Sam Lutfi arrived shortly after the singer did, with Spears’ mother and boyfriend Adnan Ghalib getting to the hospital sometime later.

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4 Responses to Britney Spears Gets Committed

  1. mrs. martinez


  2. Meme

    Just deserts for the happy homewrecker. I imagine the slutty sister is next. What role models …

  3. New York Gurl

    What the f**K did she do now? She loves having all the f**Kin’ attention. :(

  4. _aNgEl_

    leave her alone its not her fault that she has bipolar she cant help it of just turn it off…..geez some people are so stupid read up on it before you speak!!!
    her sister on the other hand has the choice…..BUT it is HER choice to be or whatever she wants its no one Else’s business.

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