Miley Cyrus Makes Her Name Official!


There’s a lot that goes into a name.  Back in Biblical times, someone’s name usually determined their destiny.  And Destiny Hope Cyrus has officially changed her name to Miley.

Sure, most people never knew her as anything other than “Miley,” but the Hannah Montana actress/singer had been going by a moniker given to her years ago.

Originally, the nickname was “Smiley” when Cyrus was growing up, due to her constant penchant for a big smile. 

And here’s the kicker- she took “Ray” as her middle name, to honor her father Billy Ray Cyrus.  In other words, Destiny Hope Cyrus is now Miley Ray Cyrus

Enjoy the pictures of Miley visiting the Children’s National Medical Center earlier this month.

17.jpg 27.jpg 38.jpg 48.jpg 57.jpg 66.jpg

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5 Responses to Miley Cyrus Makes Her Name Official!

  1. Angel

    I love her new name. It fits good together.

  2. Meme

    I know a family who met her recently. They said she is a big phoney and a snob too.

    I guess it doesn’t matter though if your dad can buy you a career.

  3. Amy

    That is really cute!

  4. Emmalee

    i love the foruth pic.. good choice miley/hannnah

  5. New York Girl

    She’s does look like she can be snobby and a ”bitch”. doesn’t everyone? :) . Well all this time I knew that ”Miley” wasn’t really her name. So this isn’t news to me.

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