Harlow Madden’s Godmother: Paris or Sophie?


Back on January 11th of this year, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden welcomed their new baby daughter Harlow Winter into this world.  And only weeks later, they’re welcoming their first public spat as parents.

Reportedly the dispute is over the issue of who will be Harlow’s godmother.  The Simple Life starlet is pulling for Paris Hilton to fill the role, while the Good Charlotte rocker has his hopes set on Sophie Monk, his twin brother Benji’s fiancé.

And they’re in a deadlock over the issue.  According to a source,

“Joel doesn’t think Paris is up to the task … He’s lobbying for Sophie.”

Whether it’s Paris or Sophie remains to be seen.  Let’s just hope this little disagreement doesn’t snowball into any serious drama.  We’ll let you know when a decision is made.

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3 Responses to Harlow Madden’s Godmother: Paris or Sophie?

  1. Erica

    I think Sophie is a good suggestion because Paris seems to be in the spotlight a lot and a child doesn’t need that. Tho, I haven’t heard anythin’ of this other person, maybe they will read this and take my advise.

  2. Anna :]

    if Paris is the godmother that child will end up dying. sry.

  3. _aNgEl_

    i can totally understand where both nicole and joel are coming from…it would be a hard decision to make cause its for the rest of there life’s.
    me personally would choose sophie, shes not in the spotlight doing silly things and she seems a well balanced girl =]

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