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We have created a new profile on and a new group to keep in touch with all of our blog readers and celeb fans. If you’re interested in joining our group and using our Celebpox forums please sign-up on SocialSplash and join our group: is a new social network! It is unique in the sense that it does not just offer the user the option to meet other young people from all over the world; it does something no other social networking website does. Other than the ability to communicate with friends, share photos and videos, create blogs, use the forums to discuss current issues and events, create and join groups, play flash games, takes quizzes, and even create funny pictures using the great option of SplashPix.

In addition to all these great options, gives back to the user, unlike all other social networking websites, you earn the so called “Splash Points” which you can convert into gifts. I have never come across such a great concept offered by a community website like that. Whatever you do on the website, like uploading photos, creating a blog or a group, or even use the forums, you get Splash Points, and the more you collect, the better, because if you get a good number of points you can get a gift from the Splash Store. - Connect with new and old friends!

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