Brangelina Could be Expecting TWINS!


Star magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie is pregnant! But even more… They say she’s expecting TWINS!

Angie has only discovered that she is eating for three over the past week, a source very close to the Lara Croft star reveals.

Star has learned that Angelina hastily cancelled a long-scheduled trip to Europe when she first found out about her pregnancy. “Brad and Angelina are absolutely ecstatic,” a second says. “But I still think there will be more adoptions to come.”

Rumors of pregnancy for Angie, 32, have swirled since she appeared at the Critics’ Choice awards on January 7 looking considerably healthier than the almost skeletal figure she had become.

While Brad drank beer, and others at their table downed champagne, she stuck to water.

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6 Responses to Brangelina Could be Expecting TWINS!

  1. Chrissy

    Damn..twins AND possibly adopting more kids? What are they doing, collecting children?! But that’s cool, giving less fortunate children a good home. =) If it makes them happy than I’m all for it…

  2. Amberleigh

    OMG how many nannies do these people have??? You know they can’t do everything for these 4 kids and be making movies and traveling the globe… what happens when they are all in school? Yikes! Now with 2 more on the way they will have 6!!! I know pleanty of people have lotsa kids but they don’t lead the same lifestyle as the Jolie-Pitt family so it’s not the same.

  3. RoCkStAR

    who cares if they travel and have nannies they all have a better life than where they were living before.

  4. Amberleigh

    Um, hello dummy, they had no life before if she is giving birth to them!

  5. Jennifer

    wow if she is having twins congrats plus they wanna adopt more children thats great keep letting them they deserve it giving kids a second chance with a good life

  6. Meme

    Lifestyle is not a worry, when you are rich you have someone else raise them for you silly! But all this middle-age preganancy stuff is really starting to take a toll on her looks. And the poor thing is starting to have an odd-looking mouth from the collegen shots in the lips. That can’t be good for the babies. From the drug standpoint, not the looks. I think she will resent them when her looks and figure are no longer money-makers. Oh well, I wish the kids the best even if I have no respect for her, being a home wrecker and all.

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