Miley Cyrus Personal Pics Leaked… Again


Miley Cyrus continues to find herself in the headlines, most recently for her troubles with a charitable ticket giveaway.

The Hannah Montana star recently spoke out about the notorious 6-year-old girl from Texas who won “Best Of Both Worlds” concert tickets last month after fabricating a story about her father dying in the Iraqi war.

Miley spoke out during a Good Morning America interview,

“I was really kind of upset. I mean, that’s just not a cool scenario…” “But it just shows what people will do for a ticket.”

Meanwhile, Miley is back in the forefront in cyberspace as well, as another wave of private photos leaked from her MySpace account have made their way to the Internet.

And while there are those who chastise the young star for her “provocative” poses, Miley’s mother has given advice on how to deal with this type of critic.

“My mom always says: for every, you know, 10,000 people that love you, there’s going to be another handful of 10,000 people that don’t. And it’s like, there’s nothing that you can change… So, that’s all right.”

16.jpg 26.jpg 36.jpg 46.jpg 

55.jpg 64.jpg

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33 Responses to Miley Cyrus Personal Pics Leaked… Again

  1. Johnny Cash

    Man she is smokin hot!

  2. DD

    Dont people have better things to do then to pick on a 15 yr old girl? When I think back to some of the things that kids were doing when I was 15…this is nothing! Give her a break….she is growing up to be a beautiful young lady and has a right to express herself any way she wants. Just be glad she still has her freakin’ clothes on and isn’t preggers! Back off!



  4. Amber

    Okay I’m sorry but seriously. Lay off of Miley. She’s a teenager. I personally think she is wonderful. Who cares about her pictures? They are private photos and and no one’s business but hers and her family. So the media needs to just butt out of her private life. Geez. Get a life people.

  5. amanda

    omg find some real jobs so she is taking pics for her myspace get over it she is a teen girl she is supposed to live an have fun gosh people

  6. melissa

    leave her alone she is like 15 and deserves to be a teen my kids are young they know not to act like a teen its up to the parents to tell the kids the diffrence in age appropiate activities. personally i think alot of moms are more obsest then the kids and let there kids get out of hand with worshiping some one she is only a girl who acts and sings come on

  7. katie

    who cares leave the poor girl alone.she didnt do anything wrong!!!

  8. SJ

    i see nothing wrong with these photos. she is in a bikini. big whoop. my sister is 15, and has these types up pics up. now if she had nude pictures or topless pictures, i would be worried for her. i dont see the big deal in these photos.

  9. brandy


  10. Nicole

    Hey, im sick of hearing about things that make no sence…Miley is just like the rest of us….she is a girl,she has feelings just like everyone else, If you like to make fun of peeps that is fine…just dont put it on Miley’s sholders!!

  11. Priscilla

    I feel so bad for you, you know how girls are.. they have friends over or even sisters and have a good time and it’s not like she did something really teribble… I feel bad for her, but I guess thats the celeb life. JESUS loves you!

  12. UGHHH,,

    I cant believe this!!
    1st Jamie Lynn is pregnant and now Miley Cyrus is putting personal pics of heself!!

  13. Lisa

    Sorry to say but only 1 of those pictures is “provocative..the others are of a normal 15 year old girl having fun…let her be normal

  14. Chrissie Payne

    I really dont see a problem with these pictures, Shes just being a typical teenager!!!!

  15. Angie

    these are just pic of a teenage girl…please…
    I see worse than this walking down the street…i thinkm it is bad when people can’t keep their nose out of others business..

  16. Allison

    Lay off of her she is only 15 come on she is just having some fun like what all of us teenagers do or use to do!Theses picture are not even bad.

  17. Brandi

    thats really dumb i think i have WORSE on my myspace, so just lay off. besides shes just a child. Be glad it’s not nude.

  18. Latin cat

    to UGHHH.. you can not compare jamie lynn spears to a girl who just have pics of her self, read more sister…. Miley Cyrus isnt like Jamie Lynn spears so your the one that is stupid

  19. Heather

    ok i think miley is a beautiful young lady…she should show off her beautiful body…i mean she isnt naked and for real like everyone else has mentioned everyone has taken pics like this…at least she isnt like me when i was 15…i was partying drinkin and letting other ppl take the half naked pics of me…she will grow outta this phase, i mean i did and i was much worse…at least she isnt up on a table dancin for all sorts of crazy men ok!

  20. abbie

    wow people she’s in a bathing suit it’s not like she posed nude like other celebs.

  21. Casey

    First off, are we even sure these pictures are the real deal?
    and second, so what if they are, I have several friends with pictures much worse on their profiles. I will admit, Miley should be more careful about what she does, she is a celeb for the kids, but dont chastise her choice to be like most normal teens, especially the rich and famous ones.

  22. ASH

    You are cool.

  23. NewYork Girl

    o.k. so what’s the big F**king deal, they’re just pictures of Miley having fun with her friends. WAKE THE F**K UP PPL!!!! This isn’t news!!!!! :(

  24. sarah evans

    I dont think that is really even Miley. It is probly some no name girl trying to pass her self off as her, that happens all the time.

  25. D

    Does anyone know the link to her actual myspace? Not the fake ones.

  26. isy lomeli

    thats totally gross.. she needs to stop, then again pedophiles might enjoy this haha yeah but the pitures are not soo bad but i do think she’s not soo sexy, she’s a damn little girl

  27. Ashley

    Okay, seriously, I think it is wrong that she is posed in her underwear for one of them, but jesus, who flippin cares, I mean, yea she is a “role model” for young kids, but if parents dont like it, then dont let your kids watch her anymore. Thet simple. And anyone who thinks she is hot, if frickng sick, because she is still a little girl.. Come on guys open your eyes, get a life instead of looking at little girls in their underwear.

  28. Faith

    Why put pics of u on the computer half naked???

  29. deborah

    i dont see how those pictures are so bad….it just her in a batheing suit! so if i put a pic of me up in a batheing suit(im not going to) then it would be nude??? WOW! i see how one of them are bad! but just leavve her alone! its stupid!

  30. Jessica

    I think you guys should seriously leave Miley alone, and get over your pathetic little lives and stop trying to bring her down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these pictures, shes a teenage girl as am I and I admit I have taken pictures like these in bikini’s and what not, Im sure everyteen girl has. It’s life. She’s having fun, get over it, it’s not like she is making sex tapes, so just get over it people like myyy god!

  31. Sarah

    There just pics! Get over it already!
    There pics of her in her bathinq suit, not like she naked or in a sex video!
    She a 14 year old qirl, that just want’s t live her life the way she wants to, not the way we say.
    So, everyone who is sayinq thinqs or just startinq thinq are just stupid! Stop makinq biq deals over somethinq that is somehtinq you dont need to worry about!
    Is it your life? NO!! SO STOP!
    Do you live your life the way you wont? Yes, you do!! Like my qodd!! Shes just a teenaqer!!!!!!!!!

  32. dodo

    I don’t think she looks good in those pics
    like see, in the first photo, she isn’t wearing a bra and you can see her niple sticking out.
    Can’t she just wear a t shirt over her bikini???

    she is just trying to show off her boobbs

  33. dodo

    she is just trying to be sexy, which is soooo wrong
    i can’t believe you all think that this is right!!!!!

    she is showing all of her privacy to starnger and her body like not wearing bras while in a singlet
    that is just wrong
    most people think she’s hot because of her body

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