Jamie Lynn Spears – GIVING UP HER BABY!


Star Magazine claims that Jamie Lynn Spears is planning to hand her baby over to her mother, Lynne, as soon as she gives birth. Jamie Lynn wants to concentrate on her career. What career? She’s having a laugh!

A source said,

After several weeks of personal soul searching and talks and discussions with her mum Jamie Lynn reluctantly agreed that giving up the baby is the right thing to do. Lynne says Jamie doesn’t understand the life long consequences of having a baby. She still wants her daughter to be able to be a teenager, go to parties, hang out with friends and have a career. So she’ll take the front seat of caring for the baby and take the pressure off her daughter.”

Jamie Lynn’s manager has reportedly advised her to have the baby, take pictures with it, sell the pictures and then hand the baby over to Lynne. The source went on to say,

“Lynne is convinced that having a baby on her hip will not help Jamie Lynn’s future in the business and she’s expecting her daughter to pick up where she left off as soon as the baby is born.”

Lynne is apparently excited about raising another baby. Great! That one will be having babies by the age of 11 and drinking Frapps by the age of 1! Wonderful things to look forward to.

At least Britney’s not asking to take care of the baby.

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29 Responses to Jamie Lynn Spears – GIVING UP HER BABY!

  1. Punky

    Wow, well at least the mom has finally put her head back where it belongs, and is trying to help one of her daughters. Before anyone gets excited, why dont we wait and see if this even pans out or not. You know how teenagers are.

  2. Nicole

    Oh my god.
    This family is too messed up for words.
    Her mother has already screwed up 2 kids, why not a third?!

  3. Holly

    I don’t think ANY of those 3 should raise a child. Obviously Lynne screwed up with her first 2 girls, so give her another one to corrupt? I don’t see this as a good thing. Plus once that baby grows up, it will be asking questions which could be devastating!!

  4. Amberleigh

    JL is just a pregnant hormonal teen who is probably just saying things to get attention from the media or just to shut her mom up. Her mom doesnt want JL to be out of Fame cause then the money will slow down or stop for her mom too. Is anyone actually thinking about the baby???

  5. Hmm

    Ok, so, she’d rather let her daughter go to parties and drink then take actions for her consequences?? I think this is really stupid..her daughter needs to grow up and take care of her own baby! She should lie in the bed she made! This, to me, is pure ridiculous!

  6. Heather

    I dont think that Lynn corrupted or screwed up either one of her girls… She has been there for both of them and SHE is the one that was trying to be there for her girls… These girls get in the lime light and make stupid decisions… I dont think you all should judge these people you dont even know the whole story… everything you see in these magazines is garbage…DONT YOU KNOW THAT BY NOW? If The girls getting pregnant before marrage is lynns fault, tell my whos fault was it when my best friend got pregnant before marriage and her mother DIED when she was giving birth to her? WHOSE TO BLAME THERE? Daddy…. no Daddy was strict and she wasnt aloud to date… she went behind the school and did her thing… its noones fault but their own…


    Well coming from me a teen mother i think they all need to grow up. I had my son when i was 16 years old and i would never give my child up for the world or money. don’t have sex if you don’t want the consequences. Does anyone know what leads to having a baby? lol.
    anyway i think she needs to mature up and take care of her responsibilities. I did it and so can she.

  8. Lesha

    I guess Lynne Spears is trying to make up for how she parented Britney and Jamie Lynne. This will just be another child to force into show business. But, we also have to consider the source.

  9. Kelly

    Neither Jamie or Lynne should be mothering a child! look at how great of a job Lynne did with her children… and Jamie’s just a kid!! Where was Lynne when jamie got pregnant? All that family cares about is money and fame… that poor baby is gonna grow up being just as screwed up at the rest of them!!



  11. lynbo

    I wish everyone would give this family a break. On the issue of Lynne being a bad mom, The best “by the book” parents can have kids who screw up too! As a parent all you can do is raise your kids with morals and hope that they do right.. No Mom or Dad has complete control over how their children will turn out!

  12. Gayle

    let Brad and Angie adopt the baby. At least its parents would care about it and give it a good home!

  13. Lina

    Seriously Jamie Lynn is going to end up wanting to care for that baby anyway. And Lynn doesnt need to be raising anymore kids she needs to enjoy life instead of having her daughters burden dropped in her lap. Why dont they give it to a family who will care for it. Besides there will be alot less drama when the kids found out its adopted.

  14. miranda

    You know this is what i think. It would be to hard for her to go day by day waching her mom be a mom to her baby i been there done that. I was 14 when i had my first kid I’m 23 now and still have my son he is happy and healthy. It’s great that her mom wants to help but jamie will never learn a thing if people are always cleaning up after her messes. she needs to be a mom. whats going to happen when she has outher kids shes going to tell them “hunny this is your aunt/sister but thats ok”.

  15. Jeanie

    This all seems messed up to me. Why do the famous people get picked on so badly. This stuff happens in regular peoples lives. People should just butt out!!!!! It’s no wonder why they end up the way they are now. Would you like your picture plastered over every magazine??

  16. Andrea

    So what makes ppl think that Lynne will do such a good job with her grandchild? Look at how Brit and JL turned out! The one child of hers that has his head on his shoulders it seems like, is her son. Let’s just hope that JL has a son, cuz obviously all the girls are messed up in that lil household. And WTF! She wants her daugther to concentrate on her friends, career, and PARTYING! Well folks, looks like Britney the 2nd is starting her reign of terror early!

  17. April

    I think you are all absolutly ignorant for even saying things like, “suffering the consequences”. Having a baby, planned or not, is probably THE most important and meaningfull things a lady, young or old, could do with her life. I have an unplanned baby out of wedlock and another on the way. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. You people who are saying how Lynne did a bad job parenting her child are the most ignorant! The only thing a parent can do when raising children is be there for them, give them advise and love and hope their babies choose the right choice when the time comes. Remember that everyone thinks for themselves. SHE made the deccion to have sex and now a baby is to come of it. If she chooses to hand that baby to her mother or raise it herself that girl has my full support. Any maybe all you close-minded people out there should think back when you where that age…when you where 16/17 years old, did you listen to EVERY single thing your mother said to you? Didn’t think so!

    Good luck to Jamie Lynn and her unborn.

  18. lorrie

    jamie you got pregnat you should rise the kid and have your mother there for support not have your rise the baby i had a friend that was 13 and her mom gave her support and she has a health baby

  19. tiffany

    i cant even believe she is pregant.that whole family is so messed up.and as for britany,she dont even need to take the chance of having another baby.she has been the worst mother to them 2 boys and i feel so sorry for them boys.they are so precious.

  20. Steph

    Funny how everyone says how bad lynne messed up these kids… what about the public eye, what about the rest of the world and putting some responsibily on the kids them selves… I haven’t kept up with the whole spears drama… but okay a 16 year old is prego, how many of you had sex when you were 16… okay and how many of you once twice or more times with out a condom… or with a condom without bc? mmmm thats what i thought… so just b/c she wasn’t as lucky as all of you not to get prego don’t judge her… maybe she will be a great mom… maybe she won’t but if everyone places doubt in her now you’re setting her up for failure. Brittany yeah shes def needs to get help she’s loosing it. depression can take over your whole life and obviously it has for her and so has many other things get a grip of your self girl you use to be soo pretty.

  21. mandy24

    JL needs to take responsibility for her child, I think her mom’s wrong in doing this, she messed (JL) she should take care of her baby instead of “focusing on her career”, and partying.

  22. Patrishia

    hey heather i know you shouldnt pick on people you dont know but you shouldnt have to stand up to them cause you dont know them either and this is sooo jaime lynns screw up she should think of her consequences to careeer and life before doing this type of stuff.

  23. Hmmm

    Well, I didn’t have sex until I was 18 years old, thank you and got pregnant at 20 (married). I have a cousin who was 16 when she got pregnant and is taking care of her own baby. There are plenty of girls that have babies at a young age (not agreeing with it)..but what I’m mad about is this 16 year old has money to take care of the baby…most 16 year olds don’t!

  24. ok...

    Ok….. All I see up here is Jamie Jamie Jamie, and how SHE or her mom messed up…. What about the babies father… Isnt her older than her?

  25. Sherry

    I dont think u should hand ur kid over, It is a wonderful Excperiance to raise a child, I raised twins, I had them when i was 16, It was hard, But ur only having one! U can do it, It Really aint that hard, Ill give u a little credit, it dont matter who is part of ur family, I think u will make a good mom, It comes natural! Just make the right choice, Giving the baby up, U will regret last on in life! You can still concentrate on your career! You will love every second of raiseing ur child, What is there to enjoy if you give the baby up?

  26. stephanie

    i agree with hmm so ya

  27. Anna :]

    I thought Jamie would be an okay mom, even tho she’s young, but this proves me wrong. if she does give the baby up, it shouldn’t be to her mother, it should be to a family who can’t have a kid. seriously.

  28. New York Girl

    lol Melissa !!!!!! I absolutely agree. I think ALL OF THEM are unfit to take care of any baby. Jamie, have you ever heard of a condom????? She should of thought of her ”little career” before f**kin’ that guy then she wouldn’t have to worry about consequences and her future.

  29. GeorgiaGirl

    I think since Jamie-Lynn had the baby she should take responibility for the baby and show that her baby is way more important that her career! Why have a child if you think your career is more important?

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