Did Drugs Play A Role In Ledger’s Death?


It’s still really early to be coming to any serious conclusions about Heath Ledger’s tragic death yesterday.  The latest update is that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly announced that a rolled-up $20 bill was found near the late actor’s body.

In addition, Kelly revealed that “no testing has been done for narcotics at this time,” referring to the rolled-up bill.  And an autopsy came back with inconclusive results.

As for the pills found in Heath’s apartment,

“Some of them were sleeping pills, in essence, and some other drugs there as well. … We are going to wait for the toxicology report.”

There were also several packets of an unknown substance recovered from the Ledger’s home. 

For now, Heath’s body has been released to a New York City funeral home, although the exact details still have not been released. 

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9 Responses to Did Drugs Play A Role In Ledger’s Death?

  1. jenuhfuh

    Okay, is it seriously necessary to have pictures of Heath in a body bag?!
    Thats ridiculous.

    R.I.P. Heath.

  2. shollymarie

    It is sad enough that his life is over, without trying to drag his name through the dirt! R.I.P. Heath – for whatever reason he is dead….

  3. Kare bear

    I am so saddened by his death.He was so young and very talented.Instead of beating him down after his death,try to think of all the people who loved him,including his young daughter,who will one day read all the b/s.The Bloodsucking media needs to back off and let him Rest In Peace!!

  4. Chrissy

    Aww this is so sad.When i heard he was dead, i cried b/c he’s one of my fave actors. i love 10 things i hate about u and brokeback mountain. i wonder how his 2 year old daughter was told that she’d nvr see her daddy again. rest in peace Heath!!

  5. Jessica

    Is it truly enough that this young beautiful actor has passed, but now we have to drag out his personal life. For god’s sake he has a 2 year old daughter. One year she will read back about when he dad died, and come on. Can’t we let the man rest in peace? This is a personal issue here. You are invading his privacy, weather he is dead or not, this is INHUMANE! Would you want your personal life spead out loud for EVERYONE in the world to read. What about his parents? Come on, this is horrible how people find money in this horrible act. Please stop.

  6. mandy24

    I agree with all of you, immediately after his death, all these accusations started flying, I was really saddened about it, i don’t even want to watch TV cause of all the bad things they’ve been saying. He was never this guy that we heard about getting arrested, getting DUI’s, and going to rehab, he just didn’t come off like that guy. I think when the autopsy reports are concluded, a lot of media personnel are gonna feel pretty stupid!!

  7. Jennifer

    its very sad that this tragic event took place he will be missed and remembered forever RIP

  8. NewYork Girl

    right. i totally agree with u, jen. when i found out about heath’s death i was so shocked. he was too damn young to die.

    R.I.P HEATH. may your soul be at peace

  9. Rae Copeland

    I am very saddened by the fact that Heath is dead I cannot believe it! Everytime I see that bod bag picture my stomach just collapses!!

    Since no one else is going to say it I am a week BEFORE heath died another great and young and sexy actor died. His name was Brad Renfro. He was in the movie Tom and Huck with JTT. R.I.P to TWO great actors Heath and Brad

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