Miss America Competition Shows Some Skin!


Oh yes, folks, it’s that time of year again.  With the Miss America Pageant coming up this weekend, it’s time for the fifty-two lucky ladies who have made it this far to get their game faces on in the swimsuit competition preliminaries.

It’s all going down at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The girls have been divided into three groups for three days of preliminaries.

But these girls aren’t only in town for business.  They’re also experiencing all that Sin City has to offer… well, almost.

This past Sunday, all fifty-two of them were treated to a night of percussion, rhythm, excitement and comedy at “Stomp Out Loud,” an expanded production of the NYC East Village street drum show.

According to a press release, “With Stomp Out Loud, the experience is transformed for Las Vegas with new sequences and choreography, a dynamically expanded cast and a completely new environment that will immerse the audience from the moment they enter the 1,500-seat theater.”

We’ll keep you updated on the Miss America festivities as Pageant Week continues.

14.jpg 24.jpg 34.jpg 44.jpg 52.jpg 63.jpg

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2 Responses to Miss America Competition Shows Some Skin!

  1. Kelly

    the blonde one in black and gold is so skinny it’s disgusting!! Honestly, what is attractive about a girl showing her rib cage.. yuck!!! girls and their obsession with weight is horrible!!!



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